About LEAP

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Despite the need for strong, evidence-based innovation in education, the research and entrepreneurial expertise required to accelerate evidence-based solutions is often inaccessible to education ventures. Financial constraints can put this type of support out of reach for organizations, and dedicated opportunities for collaboration with researchers and practitioners are scarce. 

The Jacobs Foundation and MIT Solve joined forces in 2022 to launch LEAP (Leveraging Evidence for Action to Promote change), a global initiative that reduces these barriers and brings together researchers and social entrepreneurs to support education organizations in strengthening the evidence base of their solutions. By fostering this collaboration, LEAP aims to advance effective, proven education solutions that have a positive impact on children’s learning outcomes and the potential to transform the education system at large.

How does it work?

LEAP pairs education organizations (Project Hosts) with a dedicated team of expert researchers and social entrepreneurs (LEAP Fellows). LEAP Fellows lend their best-in-class expertise to the organization for a part-time 12-week sprint (a LEAP Project), providing tailor-made research recommendations to strengthen the evidence base of the organization’s solution.

LEAP’s mission is to promote positive, evidence-based change in education and provide children across the world with the means to reach their full potential and thrive. Our goal is that LEAP participants make a lasting, visible impact through the exchange of expertise and cross-sector collaboration.


About The Jacobs Foundation & MIT Solve

The Jacobs Foundation seeks to improve children’s learning and education by promoting the generation and translation of evidence into policy and practice. Whatever their background, all children should have access to a high-quality education. Yet all too often learning and teaching take a one-size-fits-all approach. This means that children are unable to make the most of their learning potential. Our goal is a world in which every child is given the quality learning opportunities they need to thrive.

As part of our 2030 Strategy, we support the world’s leading researchers and practitioners to understand how children learn and vary in their skills and behaviors. We strengthen research and collaboration in both schools and educational technology (EdTech) to promote evidence-based practice.

Solve is an initiative of MIT. We believe that to achieve a more sustainable and equitable future for all, we need new voices and ideas. We launch open calls for exceptional and diverse solutions to the most pressing global challenges, from anyone, anywhere in the world. Selected innovators get the backing of MIT and our community of supporters to scale their impact and drive lasting change. Join us on this mission.

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