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Project Judges

Noam Angrist

Executive Director, Co-Founder, Youth Impact

Tara Chklovski

Chief Executive Officer, Technovation

Jeff Dieffenbach

Associate Director, MIT Integrated Learning Initiative, MIT Open Learning

Amy Jo Dowd

Former Head of Evidence, LEGO Foundation & Independent Consultant

Willem Frankenhuis

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Utrecht University


Alejandro Ganimian

Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology and Economics, New York University

Natalia Kucirkova

Professor and CEO, University of Stavanger and WiKIT AS


Sergio Medina


Oladiwura Oladepo

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Tech4Dev

Azad Oommen

Co-Founder, Global School Leaders

Zainab Qureshi

LEAPS Director, Evidence for Policy Design, Harvard Kennedy School

Nora Raschle

Assistant Professor of Psychology for Childhood and Adolescence, PI Developmental Neuroscience, Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development at the University of Zurich

Lea Simpson

Director, EdTech Hub

Simon Sommer

Co-CEO, Jacobs Foundation

Jenny Zapf

Founding Director, Education Entrepreneurship, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education

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