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MIT Solve Launches Second Annual Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge

Generation Z—youth born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s—are deeply concerned about the future of the world, especially now in the post-pandemic era. In response, Gen Z is taking the lead, amplifying awareness, and building solutions to some of society's most pressing issues. 

We believe that this generation holds the empathy, power, and ingenuity to solve problems in their communities, the world, and everywhere in between. Our 2022 Solv[ED] Innovators are the epitome of this belief.

(The 2022 Class of Solv[ED] Innovators are formally introduced in person during Solve at MIT)

One such innovator, Karpolax is combating food waste and has developed green nanotechnology to extend the shelf life of produce, which also has the potential to close the gap in food security. Since becoming a Solv[ED] Innovator, the team has met with representatives from the United Nations World Food Program. 

KLAW Industries, creator of Pantheon™, continues to engage with and improve their community in Binghamton, NY. The team processes waste glass that recycling facilities typically send to landfills and uses the scraps in Pantheon™, a cement replacement for concrete. They have scaled recently by partnering with the City of Binghamton to pilot their technology in sidewalks. 

Our 2022 Solv[ED] Innovators also represented the tremendous impact these entrepreneurs may have on the criminal justice system. JusticeText, an AI tool that helps public defenders efficiently review body cam and surveillance footage, recently signed a contract to support all of Virginia's public defenders, in addition to expanding their presence in seven other states. 

Youth are the changemakers we need to embrace and empower, which is why MIT Solve seeks to find, fund, and support 10 of the most promising young people aged 24 and under through the second annual Solv[ED] Youth Innovation Challenge. 

Anyone, anywhere is welcome to participate whether their idea is a concept, prototype, or fully operational organization. We’re looking for solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems, such as ways to improve learning opportunities in communities, better economic opportunities for all, advance healthcare, or combat climate change. 

We also hope to learn more about other unmet social, environmental, or economic needs that may not fit the conventional issues we as a society typically focus on.

(Devshi Mehrotra, Solv[ED] Innovator, participates in a Lego workshop during Solve at MIT 2022)

The 10 most promising solutions will be selected by a group of cross-sector judges as Solv[ED] Innovators and announced in Spring 2023. The Solv[ED] Innovators will receive a fully-funded trip to Cambridge, MA for Solve’s annual Solve at MIT event. Additionally, innovators will receive prize funding and mentorship from the Solve communities to help scale their solutions. 

Applications are open now and due on January 24, 2023 at 12pm ET. Interested applicants can learn more and apply here! Interested in supporting these inspiring entrepreneurs? Become a Solv[ED] member here

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