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Mommy' and Daddy's Diary

Our solution's stage of development:


Our solution:

A one stop place of targeted push communication to parents – every child receives at the right time what she needs for optimal development: care, love, support, incl. a life long affinity to art or culture to serve as outlet in future.

Our pitch:

The solution is:

An online platform with educational age educational bulletin that gives a perspective to what what to expect and how to prevent

Accents: early child development, "programming" of mental and emotional health, importance of arts, toxic parents behavior, culture and sports role

How it addresses the challenge question:

It helps parents realise their behaviour leading to possible brain dissorders and avoid it.

Parents support kids in arts and culture activities. 

Finding their "outlet for own feelings and identity" in their childhood increases the chances to prevent from the most common brain disorders which usually start in the teen age.

It also help parents with brain disorders pay attention to it and find a way to cope with it.

It can easily be scaled by translating the texts into local languages and finding the local service providers (parents schools, art and sports occupations for kids). 

The problem:

Early childhood is key and affects whole life, but most parents do not know this, they to not know how to give their kids the best start, especially the families at risk. 


  • Inadequate advices 
  • lack of on time alarm
  • technologies as kids’ "mental pain killer"
  • parents with brain disorders


Conditions, leading to higher risk for mental and emotional health:

-      obesity
-      depression

2. Quality of life:

- depression tops list of causes of ill health in 2030 (WHO)
- lower productivity - 10 bln lost working days (SOLVE)

Why our solution will solve the problem:

There has been demonstrated a very clear relationship between the experiences a child has in their early years and how successfully that child will perform socially, emotionally, and academically in later life  (Phillips, 2000). Link

Our solution aims parents motivation and  involvement in optimising child development.

Proven to work in Bulgaria

I calm down my fears, get informed on age development and find the necessary information on hot questions. Articles are written in approachable language with enough information and details. I am happy that I found a place to answer all my questions. Thank you!

Joana Ruhova



Target Outcomes

Our target outcomes:


Short term: Optimized brain development among children 0-10

Middle term: Improved life quality at adolescent and adult age. More organisations and experts involved in optimizing practices.

Long term:

Less violence, depression and NEETs

Early childhood development to be included in the Government priorities. (Currently, it is not)



1. Children 0 to 10 y.o, living in Bulgaria with parents, using internet every day = 500 000 children from approx. 250 000 households.*

2. Children at risk - video content for social workers

*National Statistics Institute, National rep research 2016

How we will measure our progress:

  • Outcome: 250 000 households subscribed to our age bulletin
    Measurement Plan: Track the number of subscribtions
  • Outcome: 1000 for- and non- profit organisations promote their activities, resources, books, workshops etc. for parents and children based on age and place and interests
    Measurement Plan: Number of registrations of organizations. Number of click through to their activities Reports from organizations
  • Outcome: Less violence in school, less NEETs, less drug addicted at school age
    Measurement Plan: Follow-up official statistics

The populations we will benefit initially:

  • Child
  • Low-income economies (< $1005 GNI)
  • Male
  • Female

The regions we will benefit initially:

  • Europe and Central Asia

The technologies we employ:

  • Consumer-facing software (mobile applications, cloud services)
  • Digital systems (machine learning, control systems, big data)
  • Management & design approaches

Technology-Readiness Level:

9 (Commercial)
Business Plan

Our organization:


How we will sustain our team financially:

Incomes from sales of advertising, the book Mommy's and Daddy's diary, and other services



I have long term partnership with several companies - advertisers

I plan a strategic parnership with a bank or other organization based on Social responsibilty program - shared values.

The factors limiting our success:

I will make it for Bulgaria. Sooner or later. The question is how long will it take. What define the time scope is finances. 

I want to scale worldwide. The limiting factor is connections and knowledge of other countries ecosystems.

How long we have been working on our solution:

5+ years

How long it will take to develop a pilot:

We have already developed a pilot.

How long it will take to scale beyond our pilot:

6-12 months

Our expected annual budget:


How much of our budget we've secured to date:


Partnership Needs

We're looking for partners in these fields:

  • 21st Century Skills
  • Arts Education
  • Behavioral / Mental Health
  • Healthcare Delivery
  • Maternal & Child Health

Why we're applying to Solve:

Habits to live, love and overcome challenges are the 3 simple truths, which need to be given at the very beginning - from parents, to children. 

My cause is children to receieve on time what they need for their health, development and realization.

"Different colours to see" 

Get to know about other resources and know how which can make my solution work even better and scale easier

Connections to new interested parties, 

Connections to local organizations in other markets who can be integrated in the platform


Advocacy to potential new parents

More awareness

Support in scaling

Our current partners:

For- profit organizations 
Non- profit organizations 
Experts and doctors


Solution Team

  • Mrs. Elena Bacheva Founder of Mommy's and Daddy's Diary, REMEMBRAND
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