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Accelerating neurological recovery from stroke with augmented reality

Team Lead

Albert Kwon

Solution Summary

Stroke patients require years of rehabilitation to recover optimal function, but insurance companies typically cover only four to six months of therapy. To increase access, control costs, and speed recovery, AugmentX provides patients with a mobile platform that uses augmented reality to facilitate digitized mirror therapy and other physical and occupational therapies.

Mirror therapy accelerates the recovery of neurologically devastated patients by promoting the “rewiring” of the brain and re-learning of motor function and sensory processing. AugmentX enables patients to start therapy in hospitals and continue mirror therapy in their own homes. The platform will be available through an affordable subscription service and improves the collection of patient motion data to better track progress.

Market Opportunity

  • The annual stroke incidence is 800,000 in the USA and 15 million globally.
  • This creates a total addressable market of US$1 billion in the USA and US$6.5 billion globally.


  • Winner of 2016 Reality, Virtually, Hackathon!
  • Participant of Startup School’s Founder Track
  • Replicated data from a visual-cognitive task from prior study with 105 volunteers in two weeks

Organization Goals

  • Achieve reimbursable revenue model by the end of 2018
  • Validate through clinical trials by the end of 2018
  • Pilot a program with insurance companies and in stroke rehab centers by 2019

Existing Partnerships

AugmentX current partnerships include:

  • Testing with individual physical therapists
  • Hardware partnerships with BostonAR
  • Research on stroke-related pain treatments with a Boston area hospital

Partnership Goals

AugmentX seeks partners for:

  • Angel funding for clinical studies and home therapy platform development
  • Clinical trials consulting and FDA experts
  • Pilot program reimbursement from insurance companies
  • Mentorship to refine business strategy

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For profit

Boston, MA, USA

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