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Green Gas

Offsetting car owners’ carbon pollution by funding certified clean air projects

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Kyle Kornack

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Green Gas

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Our solution:

Crowdfunding environmental and humanitarian impact through market-based strategy of integrating carbon offsets into retail fossil fuels.

Our pitch:

Global Citizens Imperative (GCI) is a nonprofit with the mission of creating fundraising mechanisms for certified carbon reduction projects through integrating voluntary carbon offset fees into retail fossil fuels, deployed to consumers through strategic marketing partnerships with fossil fuel retailers.

GCI has forged partners in the retail heating fuel sector to test the concept with a pilot (“Clean Heat”) that launches in February ‘17 which, if successful, can establish the credible launchpad for our primary initiative- Green Gas, a carbon neutral gasoline program- in the summer of ‘17.

Green Gas will be a carbon offset program sold at gas pumps and other fossil fuel points of sale that presents customers the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint of their purchases.  The well-to-wheel GHG footprint of gasoline can be offset for $0.07/gallon, a price our research suggests a significant portion of Americans would be willing to pay, with one such study showing a majority of participants would choose to offset their emissions if given the opportunity.  Furthermore, the study shows firms that offer such an option see improved brand perception, a driving principle of our market-based B2B strategy.

Using hybrid vehicle adoption as a conservative reference point on which to project the demand for a carbon “neutral” gasoline, a nationally scaled model would bolster the size of the entire Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) by 74%1.

The VCM suffers from a lack of demand. While studies suggest significant consumer demand for integrated carbon offsets, individual contributions to the VCM account for less than 1% of demand.  Through Green Gas, GCI strives to realize this untapped potential by democratizing access to the VCM.  GCI recognizes individuals as powerful agents of change if given the opportunity to make carbon-conscious purchasing decisions- if realized, this opportunity will play an important role in financing our transition to a post-carbon future.

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How long we have been working on our solution:

1 year

How long it will take to develop a pilot:

1-3 months

How long it will take to scale beyond our pilot:

1-3 months

Solution Team

  • Kyle Kornack Executive Director, Global Citizens Imperative
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