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Doxper digitizes, mines and delivers insights; from regular handwritten prescriptions, case histories, surveys, etc. with just pen & paper!

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Problem: Adverse doctor-patient ratio, and population pressure in developing countries leads to less face time with care givers, this leads to quick observations, handwritten notes, prescriptions and case histories. Of all the data types in clinical informatics (imaging, pathology, etc.), doctors’ annotations, be it on prescriptions or case histories are still handwritten, and this is the most serious impediment to Digital Health that everyone is aspiring to overcome.

Solution: Doxper Blu, is doctor side of the app that allows doctors to record keep all their patients prescriptions, case histories, special forms and reports using digital pens & papers. The patient side of the app, Doxper, provides patients the access to their prescriptions in digital format enabling the eco-system. Patients can create their entire medical history and able to share the same with relevant care providers. We digitize and perform analytics on the captured data in a seamless manner. Doxper Blu is available both for iOS and Android. The captured data can be easily integrated with existing HIS/EMR/EHRs.

Company: InformDS is a healthcare informatics company with founders having background in healthcare analytics and technology. Our product offerings solves the healthcare informatics problems at the ground level and builds up. Doxper is already tested and proven for "clinical documentation service" with India’s leading specialists for clinical data capture, storage and retrieval using latest Information Technology tools (Digital Pen and Digital Papers, Cloud storage and Apps on iOS & Android) to complete the ecosystem. Doxper is very seamless, cost effective and intuitive, and doesn’t interfere with the existing clinical workflow for clinical documentation. We use existing paper templates or prepare different paper template formats for different chronic disease specialities for doctors’ prescriptions and other forms that can perform diseases surveillance, audits and other data analytics tasks.

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