Basic Information

Our tagline:

Improving resilience in coastal communities using participatory GIS

Our pitch:

Small island developing states (SIDS) are targeted to face the greatest impacts from climate change.  In particular coastal erosion and coastal flooding will lead to significant socio-economic losses within coastal communities in SIDS.  Decisions pertaining to the most feasible method for improving resilience of coastal communities will require access to data such as coastal infrastructure, activities, properties and natural assets both at the government/corporation and community level.  In many SIDS there is a disjoint between communities and the decision makers.  

Eye on the Coast is a solution using GIS (web based and mobile) technology to facilitate a participatory approach between governments/corporations and coastal communities in (i) mapping the impacts of coastal erosion and coastal flooding including current and future scenarios, (ii) mapping coastal assets and features, (iii) mapping and valuing human coastal and marine activities and (iv) making decisions for sustainable coastal development such as coastal engineering (grey and green infrastructure) and retrofitting of existing coastal assets and structures.  With Eye on the Coast community trust, engagement and collaboration will be facilitated and government managers will have a greater understanding of human implications for management scenarios. 

The dimensions of the Challenge our solution addresses:

  • Resilient infrastructure
  • Using data to help people make development decisions

Where our solution team is headquartered or located:

London UK
About Your Solution

What makes our solution innovative:

This is the use of existing GIS technology in an innovative way to encourage a participatory approach to decision making for climate resilient coastal infrastructure in SIDS.

Our solution goals over the next 12 months:

To complete the prototype of a web-based and mobile application GIS solution and pilot within two (2) coastal communities within Trinidad and Tobago. 

The key characteristics of the populations who will benefit from our solution in the next 12 months:

  • Adult
  • Rural
  • Lower
  • Middle

The regions where we will be operating in the next 12 months:

  • Latin America and the Caribbean
About Your Team

How our solution team is organized:

Not Registered as Any Organization

How many people work on our solution team:


How many years we have been working on our solution:

Less than 1 year

The skills our solution team has that will enable us to attract the different resources needed to succeed and make an impact:

Three (3) of the team members are currently pursuing an MBA at Imperial College Business School. One (1) of the team members has post graduate training in coastal engineering and management and water resources management. One (1) team member has post graduate training in Geo Spatial Engineering.  One (1) team member has over 10 years in financing infrastructure. 

Solution Team

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