Financial Inclusion Challenge


Rahat Beema

Blockchain-powered micro-insurance platform building financial resilience for low-income farmers and migrants against climate shocks

Team Lead

Rumee Singh

Solution Pitch 

The Problem

Natural disasters push 26 million people into poverty annually. Vulnerable populations in areas prone to frequent disasters face a higher risk of being trapped in the economic poverty cycle. Insurance can mitigate the financial burden, however, with costly premiums and lengthy claims processes, low-income families are more likely to be underinsured.

The Solution

Rahat Beema is a blockchain-based micro-insurance platform that employs automated weather data to assess eligibility and provide coverage for low-income farmers and migrants, ultimately reducing the impact of extreme weather events on their lives. By offering faster processing, reduced costs, and transparent payout determination, Rahat Beema stands as a robust solution for enhancing the financial resilience of those often left underserved by traditional insurance systems.


Rumsan’s [a]work has supported marginalized communities impacted by the pandemic as well as vulnerable communities in flood prone areas in Nepal.

Its expansion Rahat Beema will focus on building financial resilience for similar vulnerable communities.

Market Opportunity

Smallholder farmers and migrant workers (over 130 million) in South Asia are at a greater risk of facing climate shocks. With Rahat Beema's faster and cheaper payout, this target group can better prepare and protect their livelihoods against natural disasters.

Organization Highlights

  • The Rahat Beema team has empowered 100+ mobilizers (over 50% are female) in Nepal focusing on using their phones to support marginalized communities

Rahat Beema’s current partnerships are with:

  • UNICEF Innovation Fund
  • Village Capital
  • UNICEF Nepal
  • Danish Red Cross Nepa
  • Ethereum Foundation

Partnership Goals

Rahat Beema seeks:

  • Expertise in identifying and building revenue channels for Rahat Beema as a service focusing on organizations/businesses. The organization works with low-income households and service fees from these populations could create more barriers to adoption, so it plans to have no cost for the underserved.
  • Support with sales modalities.
  • Support in building more visibility on social media channels.
  • Expertise in maneuvering funds and grants.

Organization Type:
For-profit, including B-Corp or similar models

Kathmandu, Nepal


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Current Employees:

Solution Website:

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Solution Team:

  • Ms Shristi Piya Chief Development Officer, Rumsan Associates Pvt Ltd
  • Ruchin Singh Managing Director, Rumsan
  • Rumee Singh CEO/Co-founder, Rumsan

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