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Futuristic Ecovillage and Ecosystem

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Live, Work, Play, Innovate, Learn, Explore and Evolve consciously at Project Eternity, a futuristic Himalayan ecovillage and ecosystem

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Project Eternity is the next level of conscious community living, in collaboration with the Himalayan Yogis, which blends the West's business & innovation principles along with the esoteric and spiritual wisdom of the East. 

Business and Technology professionals Live, Work, Innovate and Evolve with consciousness and spirituality at the center of everything in the pristine foothills of Himalayas (Nainital) - solving the problem of burnouts, spiritual imbalance, health, mental illness, and building an intergenerational legacy post-COVID era.

Community members also help villagers adopt technology, teach village children the future of work, crypto, and business communication. The villagers, in return, teach ayurvedic medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry, conscious living as part of Workforce development.

This ecosystem solves several problems - massive rural development for the Government, jobs for youth, conscious business innovation, sustainable economy with Eternity Crypto token and NFT, but biggest of all - people find peace with mindful living.

Which dimension of the Challenge does your solution most closely address?

Increase and leverage the participation of underserved communities in India and Indonesia — especially women, low-income, and remote groups — in the creation, development, and deployment of new technologies, jobs, and industries

In what city, town, or region is your solution team headquartered?

Nainital, Uttarakhand, India

Is your solution working in India and/or Indonesia?

My solution is being deployed or has plans to deploy in India

What specific problem are you solving in India and/or Indonesia?

Indian rural community suffer from the lack of contemporary skills and work opportunities. This creates migration to metro cities where work opportunities exist.

It is an old system, and can only be transformed slowly, starting in pockets. The model can then be scaled slowly. Paradigm shifts don't happen in Rural settings easily!

Project Eternity is an ecosystem model where everyone is needed, and where community members teach each other and also people outside of the community i.e. village/rural community, and build the future of living.

Project Eternity influences villages around it. On an average 10,000 villagers feel the effect directly and 100,000 are influenced indirectly. As Project Eternity scales, the impact multiplies. Over time, new skills are adopted by the younger generation and they become the future workforce.

Who does your solution serve, and in what ways will the solution impact their lives?

Project Eternity Ecovillage and Ecosystem focus on three areas impacting the rural population: children, youth, and parents.

1. Holistic Medicine - The Himalayas is a treasure trove of 1700 herbs, and only the villagers/tribals have intimate knowledge of their use. Cataloging, scaling their growth, creating medicine, and the supply chain will create massive jobs for skilled and unskilled labor. Sadly, their knowledge is underutilized for a world that will step into transhumanism, CRISPR, and precision western medicine. 

2. Mysticism, Esoterism, Spirituality, Culture, and Yogic Transformation - The world is unaware that Steve Jobs regularly visited the Himalayan Yogis to learn "mysticism" and attributes his success to them. Many Celebrities and CEOs still see the Himalayan Yogis frequently. Project Eternity intends to democratize Eastern wisdom to all ambitious Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and their key personnel. In short, this is "tourism economy" on steroids!

3. Technology, Innovation and Proof of Concepts - Project Eternity has been gifted four mountains and land to kickstart the project for the use of animal husbandry, agriculture, herbal medicine, future of living and to build scale. This is a perfect setting for Industry 4.0 companies to innovate and implement their technologies as a Proof of Concept/Value at scale and for customer reference. Scaling innovation is the biggest challenge with Industry 4.0 currently, and will attract talent, funds and workforce innovation at Project Eternity.

Combining 1, 2 and 3 creates a sustainable ecosystem and workforce transformation for rural economy! Everyone wins.

How does the problem you are addressing, the solution you have designed, and the population you are serving align with the Challenge?

Leveraging and increasing participation at rural settings is a complex subject. It can only be solved by utilizing "Ecosystem Communities" like Project Eternity who have identified the opportunities, problems, inclusive skills, and demand/supply gaps that exist not only in business but equally lacking in humanity post COVID era i.e., spiritual imbalance and holistic health.


1. Silicon Valley executives, their families, and key employees are attracted to mystical and spiritual knowledge along with the business proposition of piloting their innovative technologies at Project Eternity, which blends business and spirituality. This is critical as it brings People, Revenue, and Innovation to Project Eternity and surrounding areas. Naturally, they donate heavily towards Project Eternity as they continue to Live, Work and Innovate consciously for several weeks as they have a lot to gain.

2. Project Eternity on-site community members assist the rural population directly through inclusive skill exchange and augmentation to develop medicine and agriculture, creating employment for unskilled to semi-skilled labor - i.e. gardening, cooks, tour guides, electricians, plumbers, IT systems, bus drivers, security people, water personnel, supply chain specialists. Working on "proofs-of-concept" will attract slightly higher-skilled labor from neighboring colleges.

3. As this model expands, rural people foresee an inclusive future, resulting in increased participation, reverse migration and skill development on site.

As years go by, this inside-out process solves problems. Everyone wins in the Ecosystem! So does the Government creating a supportive, conscious and sustainable ecosystem. The rest is about repeating the template to scale.

In which Indian States and/or Union Territories is your solution operating?

  • Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal)

What is your solution’s stage of development?


Who is the Team Lead for your solution?

Subhashish Acharya, Managing Director is the Team Lead

Yogi Amarnath leads the spiritual Transformation

Suresh Sharma is the Field Operations Director onsite

More About Your Solution

Which of the following categories best describes your solution?

A new business model or process that relies on technology to be successful

What makes your solution innovative?

Project Eternity is a collaboration with the Himalayan yogis who saw the future of an inclusive, intellectual and conscious society as we move towards the age of Aquarius.

While there are many conscious communities, only Project Eternity uses the Universal Principle of Alchemy which combines Business, Technology, People, Commerce and Spirituality together, where everyone wins based on their strengths and the whole is significantly more valuable than the sum of the parts.

The outside mainstream world is based on division and a zero sum game and thus suffers from imbalance.

The Project Eternity model is just the opposite and is based on ancient wisdom - i.e. it creates convergence, balance and spiritual balance - thus re-building humanity for a section of the population.

This is the template of living in the Age of Aquarius where community, intellect, skills, spirituality, ancient wisdom, commerce etc., converge and create conscious leaders of society for generations and creates sustainable and tangible value from within. 

Describe the core technology that powers your solution.

Entire Project Eternity is based on innovative technology once fully operating. Technology is the heart of operations here to free up peoples time, so they devote it towards innovations and spiritual transformation.

1. The design of Project Eternity is in 3D, and will also be in the Metaverse for those interested to view it spatially in the virtual world. This way donations can be requested and it also serves as an amazing marketing tool.

2. Every building will be a Smart Building - starting from the making of it ( Hexagonal/ Dome shaped using Buckminster Fullers principles)

3. Every new Industry 4.0 and AI technology will be implemented here as Proof of Concept/Value at scale. This also includes Energy, Water and AgriTech including drone and robotics.

4. We use Quantum healing, Magnetic Resonance and Bio Resonance for health based on implosive physics that the ancients used.

5. Project Eternity will use it's own Crypto Token and NFT to build sovereignty and self reliance to the extent possible. All designs of Project Eternity will also be sold as NFT's to fund the project.

These are just some of the examples and we have way, way more - including data storage in plants and bio research areas.

Please select all the technologies currently used in your solution:

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Audiovisual Media
  • Behavioral Technology
  • Big Data
  • Biotechnology / Bioengineering
  • Blockchain
  • Crowd Sourced Service / Social Networks
  • GIS and Geospatial Technology
  • Imaging and Sensor Technology
  • Internet of Things
  • Robotics and Drones
  • Software and Mobile Applications
  • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

What is your theory of change?

We have explained the Theory of Change model as a paradigm shift to the mainstream model where:

1. Community is at the heart

2. Spirituality is what holds the community.

3. The model is based on integration and ecosystems versus division

4. Everyone wins

5. It can be templatized, and slowly scaled

6. Everyone Wins, and Rural people gain the most.

Select the key characteristics of your target population.

  • Women & Girls
  • Rural
  • Urban
  • Poor
  • Low-Income
  • Middle-Income
  • Minorities & Previously Excluded Populations
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Mid-Career Adult

In which countries do you currently operate?

  • India

What are your impact goals for the next year and the next five years, and how will you achieve them?

Project Eternity is a "template of living" and is always set in rural settings.

Our 2022 goal is to bring core 100 members who want to leave the mainstream world and be part of this project. They are financially sufficient, highly skilled, and diverse. 

For one whole year, they will work with rural people to learn ( Ayurveda/Agri, etc.) and help them understand the modern world's skills. This will impact over 12,000 people, 5,000 being youth.

While this is happening, our USA team will propose the model to Silicon Valley executives. Our Field operations will manage the experience along with the Himalayan Yogis, who are adept at the transformation program.

This is the basic template, which needs to be repeated continuously. Only repetition of the template will create success.

IMPACT: 2026

1. At least 5,000 Project Eternity living members.

2. Participation from 10 Fortune 500 companies, 100 Silicon Valley Unicorns/Exit Founders, and 1,000 executives.

3. Health and Agri medicine sales to the tune of $5M

4. Villager participation of at least 5,000 directly and 20,000 indirectly.

5. Community turnover of $10M/year and donations worth $50M/year


a. We have been provided land. Four mountains and miles of land for development already.

b. Project Eternity members have already started on-site and live in cottages and ashrams. We are already operational.

How are you measuring your progress toward your impact goals?

A. We measure our current goals based on:

1. # of Project Eternity members joining the project. This is key! This starts the community and the skill-building/participation with the rural community.

2. How many Silicon Valley executives participate in the transformation program.

3. Donation and Commitment from the executives.

4. NFT's sold to generate funding amount(first/token level)

B. Later as we are operational, we will change our indicators to the following:

a. # of rural population engaged and skills learned.

b. # of medicine developed and sales of medicine.

c. $ of contribution, based on donations

d. Amount of Crypto owned by Silicon Valley founders and executives to be used and utilized for repeatable visits to Project Eternity.

What barriers currently exist for you to accomplish your goals in the next year and in the next five years?

We have two barriers really:

1. Initial token amount to start building on site, however, that doesn't deter Project Eternity community members to start.

2. The real and the biggest barrier is to ensure the community is operational and cooperative and have one single purpose in mind. Humans have a bi-cameral mind that creates dichotomy and fear. This is where The Himalayan Yogis need to transform Project Eternity community members on a continuous basis through our program. This is the secret sauce!

The rest will happen on it's own time and effort.

How do you plan to overcome these barriers?

As explained in the previous section, the model is based on cooperation and resource mobilization. Money will never be a problem in the long term, and Yogis have a strong voice to bring in donations for centuries.

As we earlier mentioned, the real barrier is to gather Project Eternity members to work together coherently and cooperatively. That is why member selection and the purpose of the members to live at Project Eternity is critical. It is the human element that is of importance here.

With regards to Caterpillar Foundation:

1. Help us with site excavation, site testing, and deployment of machinery.

2. Use their innovative Agri services to build a Smart Agriculture field at scale to showcase possibilities as a reference. This should be a Global reference to sell their equipment. We will be their reference spokesperson.

3. A Key and passionate executive who agrees with our purpose.

More About Your Team

What type of organization is your solution team?

Hybrid of for-profit and nonprofit

How many people work on your solution team?

We have over 20 people involved on the project.

1. Myself : leads the over all project.

2. Field Operations; Suresh Sharma has 10 village youth helping him with logistics.

3. Yogi Amarnath -Programs

4. 10 members ranging from IT, Agri tech, industry 4.0, Ayurveda, Filming, Blockchain, Energy etc.

How long have you been working on your solution?

1 year

How are you and your team well-positioned to deliver this solution?

We have an exceptional mix of people.

1. I am myself an ex-Oracle, and Harvard PLD graduate with massive connections to Alumni network. Please check my Linkedin profile for my competence.

2. Project Eternity members are like me and are financially self sufficient.

3. We have an exceptional Transformation program from the Himalayan Yogis, lead by the Nath Yogis.

4. We have exceptional relationship with Villagers and Politicians. They welcome the project with free labor and hospitality at each and every step. If required, we can have thousands of rural communities mobilized.

5. We are operationally extremely savvy at the site.


Since we are guided by the Himalayan Yogis, we feel very confident that a new revolutionary model of an ecosystem of living is needed. This is our life purpose!

What is your approach to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive leadership team?

We have explained the Ecosystem model. Equity, Diversity and Purpose come together and is built into this model.

What organizations do you currently partner with, if any? How are you working with them?

Yes, we are partnering with several. Infact, our Ecosystem model is based on true partnerships.

1. Conscious Education : Maharishi University, IOWA

2. Technology, Organizational Dynamics - Harvard Business School Alumni network, USA and India

3. Ecovillages - several - in Hawaii, India - Auroville , Damanhur in Italy, several Jewish organizations in the USA etc.

We will be partnering with business/corporate organizations in 2022.

Your Model & Funding

What is your operational model?

We are laser focused on Business and Human value.  We have mentioned some of these elements in previous sections.

Operationally, we are very self sufficient because we have mobilized resources on the ground, and transformation program structure already exists with the Himalayan Nath Yogis.

The only Key stake holder and beneficiary for the time being are Project Eternity members who will move to the site soon and will be supported by our onsite team.

Who is the primary stakeholder you will be targeting to execute and scale your solution?

Individuals consumers
Partnership & Growth Opportunities

Why are you applying to the Future of Work in India and Indonesia Challenge?

Money will always help, however we have a bigger ask out of Caterpillar foundation that helps them equally.

Should we receive the $ amount, we would like to build skills on the ground for Smart agriculture by training the rural youth and village women on the ground. The prize money will help accelerate the transformation towards building medicine and sustainable products the mainstream world needs towards holistic health.

MIT Solve is needed to build the knowledge ecosystem and the technology model. We need mentorship!

In which of the following areas do you most need partners or support?

  • Human Capital (e.g. sourcing talent, board development, etc.)
  • Monitoring & Evaluation (e.g. collecting/using data, measuring impact)
  • Technology / Technical Support (e.g. software or hardware, web development/design, data analysis, etc.)

Please explain in more detail here.

We need Mentorship and Thought leaders. Everything else can be managed with the resources we have. We want Partners in this area who agree that we need to Rebuild humanity.

The Ecosystem Community model is a knowledge based model, and we need exceptional people to help us with strategy. 

We will never go to a Venture Capital firm for capital. Spirituality is NOT for sale! 

We also need help in digitizing Real Estate to Crypto token model for community to hold and pass the crypto down the generations for community stake holders. This is a complicated process and we need help on this.

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