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Global Surgical Training Challenge

How can we create novel, low-cost surgical training modules for surgeons and surgical trainees in resource-constrained settings?

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Solveathon Workshops

What's a Solveathon?

A Solveathon is a virtual, high-energy workshop designed to build teams and strengthen projects for the Global Surgical Training Challenge.

During these Solveathon workshops, you innovators:

  • Connect with professionals who are interested in surgical training
  • Further your understanding of the Challenge and requirements to compete
  • Build or expand your project team
  • Refine your project through facilitated design thinking activities developed by MIT Solve
  • Learn to compile a skills assessment framework

MIT Solve hosted Solveathon workshops in five regions globally starting between July  and October 2020. Each region had three activities: online networking, a Team Building Solveathon, and a Refinement Solveathon. 

Online Networking

Want to network with fellow surgical training professionals? Join our Slack workspace to chat about your project with people from around the world, and in your region. You’ll also post your project idea on MIT Solve’s open innovation platform to describe your work to others. Register below for a workshop to join our Slack workplace. 

Team Building Solveathon

Have an idea but need a team? Join a virtual Team Building Solveathon to network with multi-disciplinary professionals in your region. This workshop is recommended for early-stage projects.

Refinement Solveathon

Want to improve your project idea? Join a virtual Refinement Solveathon to improve your project idea through a series of human centered design activities. You’ll also get feedback on your project idea from technical experts. 

Register for Solveathon Workshops

Below are the regions in which Solveathon Workshops have already taken place. Participants joined the workshop region that was most relevant to their work or in a convenient time zone. 

  • Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Team Building Solveathon | Tuesday, July 28 at 7-8:30pm Central Africa Time
    • Refinement Solveathon | Saturday, August 15 at 5-8pm Central Africa Time
  • Latin America & the Caribbean 
    • Team Building Solveathon | Tuesday, August 25 at 7:30-9pm Eastern Standard Time
    • Refinement Solveathon | Saturday, September 5 at 12-3pm Eastern Standard Time
  • Eastern Europe + Middle East & North Africa
    • Team Building Solveathon | Tuesday, September 8 at 7:30-9pm East Africa Time
    • Refinement Solveathon | Saturday, September 19 at 5-8pm East Africa Time
  • South Asia
    • Team Building Solveathon | Tuesday, September 22 at 7:30-9pm Maldives Time
    • Refinement Solveathon | Saturday, October 3 at 5-8pm Maldives Time
  • East Asia & Pacific 
    • Team Building Solveathon | Tuesday, October 6 at 7:30-9pm Japan Standard Time
    • Refinement Solveathon | Saturday, October 17 at 5-8pm Japan Standard Time

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