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Project Name:

Portable Pediatric Laparoscopy Trainer

One-line project summary:

This is a low cost, portable, pediatric laparoscopic trainer that automatically measures and evaluates the user's performance

Pitch your project.

This is a pediatric laparoscopy skills trainer, with smaller dimensions than the most of the laparoscopic trainers available today. Its collapsible design will allow the users to transport it in their backpack for easy everywhere training.

It is intended to be a low cost, easy to use and easily replicable. 

It features an app that will function as a laparoscopic camera and will be able to track the movement of the instrument in order to measure important aspects as instrument path, instrument acceleration, dominant limb, accuracy, etc. The app will save each exercise and will be able to track the progress of the user.

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What is your surgical training module?

This module features a collapsible/portable trainer box (letter paper size), a set of laparoscopic instruments, a set of laparoscopic skill development exercises and an app which will provide the user with instructions on how to set the trainer, how to prepare each exercise, a viewer mode to use as a laparoscopic camera, and most importantly a software which will measure aspects as time, instrument path, instrument acceleration, user efficiency, etc. and will have the capability to save the data of each exercise and analyze the progress of the user. 

What specific surgical skills are you teaching?

This project will provide surgeons with a series of exercises that are proven to help develop fine laparoscopic skills. Such exercises are adapted to a smaller working area, similar in dimensions to a pediatric insufflated abdomen. This project will also offer the chance to digitally measure the movement of the instrument and the progress made by the user via an app. This will allow the user to be evaluated on aspects such as dexterity, accuracy, erratic movements, etc. and not only depend on basic measurement found on low cost trainers such as time and objects moved. 

Who does your project serve, and in what ways will the project improve their skills?

This project is focused on surgeons in pediatric laparoscopy, it is aimed to help them develop fine laparoscopic skills. Usually Pediatric Surgeons are trained in conventional sized trainers which are designed with dimensions similar to the insufflated adult abdominal cavity. This proposed trainer has smaller dimensions, similar to those of an insufflated infant abdominal cavity (6-9 years old Latin-American pediatric patient).

In what city, town, or region is your project team headquartered?

Mexico City, CDMX, México

What is your project's stage of development?

Prototype: A venture or organization building and testing its product, service, or business model. If for-profit, a new company that has raised little or no institutional capital (less than $500,000) in pre-seed fundraising.

Who is on your team?

Fernando Córdova Aguiar Engr. 

María Fernanada Del Pino Mijares M.D.
Abril Bárbara Sánchez Páez M.D. 

Nestor Martinez Vaca M.D.
Cecilia García Parra PED

Technical expert.
Jose Luis Zavaleta, BSc, MPO
Gerardo Rodriguez Reyez, BSc, MB

Industrial designer.
Andrés Córdova Aguiar M.I.Des.

Solution Team

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