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X-PLAIN surgery

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X-Plain for IT Systems provides patient-specific educational content through health informatic systems, including electronic medical records

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X-Plain interactive tutorials and multimedia presentations engage patients and improve health outcomes educational processes

·          . The tutorials ask questions to verify understanding while documenting use. X-Plain also helps organizations in the United States and global .

·         X-Plain’s library includes more than 6,000 texts and 2,000 multimedia programs. Each topic is coded with common medical terms and coding standards X-Plain is published by the Patient Education Institute (PEI).

  • Also we provide some materials for Surgery Preparation and Surgery for Intrathecal Tumors.
  • An X-Plain tutorial is a multimedia presentation that covers a specific health topic in Surgury and other health materials Each slide displays simplified text alongside related illustrations and animations.
  • The tutorial asks the patient questions during the presentation to verify understanding. If the patient answers correctly, the concept is reinforced.

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What is your surgical training module?

  • An X-Plain tutorial is a multimedia presentation that covers a specific health topic. Each slide displays simplified text alongside related illustrations and animations. The text is fully narrated so patients or health professionals  can listen and read at the same time. Each patient can advance through the tutorial at his or her own pace. The programs maintain the patient's attention through multimedia, interactive questions, and a variety of techniques based on adult learning research. See an X-Plain tutorial in action.

 Surgery - Preparation (Pediatrics) Part II

 Surgery - Preparation - Part Two

 Surgery - Preparation - Pediatrics

 Surgery for Intrathecal Tumors


  • The X-Plain library includes thousands of tutorials in English, Spanish, and Arabic. They span the entire continuum of care, including acute and chronic care, Surgery training materials procedures and discharge instructions, informed consent, rehab, and health promotion. The Patient Education Institute publishes each health topic in 5 other instructional formats: videos, illustrated handouts, text, overviews, and test-your-knowledge quizzes. The variety of educational formats allows patients to select their preferred learning method.
  • X-Plain offers more than 16,000 patient education items that can be delivered through a client's website, tablets, etc.

What specific surgical skills are you teaching?

Why do patients and health professional  can  appreciate X-Plain Surgery?

 Patients can see and hear the information in multiple modalities at once (text,  illustrations, and animations). Research shows this multiple-input approach improves the user's attention, comprehension, and retention of the material.

 The user controls the pace of learning

 Patients can see the health topic in the formats of their choice (video, multimedia tutorial, illustrated text, etc.).


Healthcare teams that choose us over the competition often state one or more of the following reasons:

 Teach-back is a time-consuming activity. X-Plain makes the process less intimidating for the patient and prepares him or her to communicate effectively with healthcare providers.

 X-Plain solutions can be integrated into existing software systems patient portal, bedside patient station, so there is no need to learn new software.

  We offer more than 5,200 multimedia programs – more than any of our competitors. X-Plain offers several solutions to help hospitals and helath professionals

 To support meaningful use: X-Plain for EMR.  To engage patients beyond the point of care: X-Plain for Patient Portals. To improve community service and market visibility: X-Plain Health Encyclopedia for Websites. To engage all patients and reach those with limited literacy skills: X-Plain for Tablets.

Who does your project serve, and in what ways will the project improve their skills?

An X-Plain tutorial is a multimedia program that explains a specific health topic in about 50 slides. Patients and health professionals  advance through the presentation one slide at a time. Each slide displays simplified text with full narration. Illustrations and animations help the patient visualize the concepts presented.

At the end of each section, the tutorial asks questions to ensure understanding. If the patient misses a question, the tutorial explains the answer and asks the question a second time. . If the patient responds correctly, the quiz confirms the answer.

 Surgery - Preparation (Pediatrics) Part II

 Surgery - Preparation - Part Two

 Surgery - Preparation - Pediatrics

 Surgery for Intrathecal Tumors



Education and Behavior Modification We rely on behavior modification theories to develop our content. The Medical Advisory Board approves each health topic, and then we publish them in six educational formats:

1. Interactive Tutorials (Multimedia)

2. Video Presentations (Multimedia)

3. Interactive Quizzes (Multimedia)

4. Illustrated Handouts (Textual)

5. XML Database (Textual)

6. Overviews (Textual)

 For instance Video Presentations

X-Plain videos are multimedia presentations that contain the same multimedia components as X-Plain tutorials, but without the interactive questions.

In what city, town, or region is your project team headquartered?

Chicago, Ιλινόι, Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες

What is your project's stage of development?

Growth: An organization with an established product, service, or business model in one or more communities, poised for growth in multiple communities/countries. If for-profit, an early-stage company seeking $2-$15 million in a Series A or B round

Who is on your team?

  • Moe A. Ajam, Ph.D. Dr. Moe Ajam is co-founder and president of the Patient Education Institute. Dr. Ajam has more than 32 years of experience designing educational software for startup companies. In 1991
  • Kleopatra Alamantariotou

studied the art of Midwifery in Athens Greece. She received a Master
degree in CITY University London in health informatics in 2008 another
MSc degree from Middlesex University London in Midwifery in 2007. Also
is CEO of Biomimicry Greece Research and Innovation Center, and active
affiliate member in 22 countries in Singularity University.

She is a member of the National Management Committee of European
programs (COST EU Brussels) for more than 8 years, and has won many
scholarships and prizes. She was a local leader of MIT hacking Medicine
Athens  in 2019

Souheil F. Haddad, M.D. Dr. Souheil Haddad is co-founder and medical director of the Patient Education Institute. Dean Gesme, M.D., FASCO, FACP, FACPE Dr. Dean H. Gesme, Jr. is co-founder of the Patient Education Institute and is on the board of directors. Dr. Gesme is board certified in internal medicine, medical oncology. He has been the assistant principal investigator for multi-million dollar grants from the National Cancer Institute.

Who can join your team?


Medical equipment specialist

IT professional designers Electronic

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