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Trusted Identity as a Service


Trusted ID comprises a secure and disruptive operating, enterprise-based technology platform that has been designed to create, manage and maintain, in real time, multi-tenant digital ecosystems that are customer- centric and regulatory compliant.

Trusted ID provides the ability to create a digitally verified singlecustomer view and delivers a ‘once on boarded always on boarded’ digital identity and regulatory “Know Your Customer” capability.

The service was designed in response to the global move to digitization, and to address various inherent organizational challenges, including:

■ Digital identity and trust ■ Customer onboarding ■ Digital rights management ■ Regulatory compliance (KYC) ■ Data quality ■ Security ■ Privacy legislation ■ Customer engagement and communication■ Product activation ■ Digital assets and smart contracting ■ Single customer view.

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Centurion, South Africa

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About Your Solution

What makes the solution innovative:

Contactable is a new technology that allows individuals to fully control who has access to their data, providing organisations with KYC, Sanctions, whilst complying with GDPR, ISO 27001.


How the solution demonstrates 'privacy by design':

Contactable's solution is designed with the owner of the personal data in mind, allowing them to be in control of who has access to their data, all the time.

1) We specify why we require information and users have to consent.

2) We only collect what is absolutely required to complete the process

3) Information is retained in compliance with regulations (in country, GDPR)

4) Our data is FIPS-2 level 3 and ISO 27001 compliant. We only use HTTPS, with triple encryption, using only service providers that are also ISO 27001 compliant.

5) We take utmost care of personal information, employing personal with excellent credentials.

6) We have strict policies and procedures and are audited against these.

7) Our processes are accurate and only fulfil the process's requirements.

How the solution can be incorporated into digital identification systems:

With our API, organisations can integrate with our solution and provide seamless integrated solutions.

Our APIs are triple encrypted, being FIPS 140-2 level 3 and ISO 27001 compliant.

Our solutions are white-labelled, and organisations have access to user's personal data (with their permission of course) either on our portal or integrated into their own systems.

How the solution is 'user-friendly':


Users can use our system in 4 steps.

1) Scanning their ID / Drivers license or Passport

2) Taking a selfie

3) Selecting their verified documents that we obtain from Home Affairs ()as proof of address)

4) Giving access to the organisation they choose too (in order to complete a legal process, such as a purchase

See our website for visual examples: Contactable

How the solution ensures interoperability:

Our solution has APIs that can be access only by validated 3rd parties. Our APIs are build on the oAuth framework, with end-to-end encryption over https to ensure data transfers are safe and secure.


How the solution accounts for low connectivity environments and for users with low literacy and numeracy levels:

We allow for low connectivity by not sending unnecessary data to or from the cellphone.

Our solution is designed for easy usage. Our apps or offered in native languages, use easy to use functionality, such as taking photos, selfies, and simple selection options.


Vision over the next three to five years to implement or grow the solution to affect the lives of more people:

Contactable is currently in cooperation with multiple international organisations such as (most notable) Fujitsu and Deloitte to roll out our technology to more users.

We aim to be the biggest Identity-as-a-Service solution on the globe by 2021.

Also see our white paper at

About Your Team

How the solution team is organized:


Solution leadership:

Not applicable

How many people work on the solution:


Solution age:

5-10 years

The organizations applicants are currently working with:

Fujitsu, Deloitte, Lexis Nexis, LawTrust, OneVault, Taco Technologies, Adapt IT, NEOS, WHA Group, INCE - Partners

Seriti, MOTUS, Lightstone Auto, Ooba, Vodacom - Clients

MTN, Digital Planet, LenMed,, INCE, AdaptIT, SAFPS, Post Office, Barloworld, Allstate, Telcom, Cell C, Nedbank, Wesbank, Sabadell, South African Government - On tender

Our clients and Partners are internationally based, but mostly in South Africa.

Applicant skills that can attract the different resources needed to succeed and make an impact:

IT Architecture

Big data

IT Development (Java, iOS, Android, Php, Python, SQL, MySQL)

Business development

Risk and Compliance (ISO, GDPR, FIPS, POPI, KYC, etc)



Revenue model:

We are currently 1 year away from break-even.

We will have a turn-over of ZAR 50,000,000 by the end of 2020, and we are on target to have turn over of ZAR 25,000,000 by end 2019.

We are a platform that charges clients per transaction. A transaction is where an individual is "on-boarded" / screened for KYC, Sanctions, FICA / FAIS, etc, whatever the local law or regulation requires.

Our pricing ranges from as cheap as $ 0.02 per transaction, depending on the complexity of the transaction.

Partnership Potential

Reason for applying to the Mission Billion Challenge:

We believe we have the ultimate solution to help solve the identity problems we currently face globally, without compromising on privacy or security, but making identities shareable.

The World Bank Group’s vision to realise the potential that exists in digital identities , aligns with our vision, especially in the industries identified.

The power and reach that exists within the World Bank Group, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Omidyar Network and the Australian Government are paths that can speed up both the ID4D and Contactable's visions.

Key barriers to the solution:

Our main challenge is distribution, partnering with programmes / companies that can place our international solution in the hands of billions.

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