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Carbon dioxide trap

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Genetically modified organisms "GMO" based method to treat carbon dioxide emissions.

What specific problem are you trying to solve?

"Carbon emissions"

Long-term changes in temperature and weather patterns are referred to as climate change. These changes could be caused by natural processes, such oscillations in the solar cycle. But since the 1800s, human activities—primarily the combustion of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas—have been the primary cause of climate change.Energy, industry, transport, buildings, agriculture and land use are among the main emitters.

Fossil fuel combustion produces greenhouse gas emissions that serve as a blanket around the planet, trapping heat from the sun and increasing temperatures.

Carbon dioxide and methane are two examples of greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to climate change. These are produced, for instance, while burning coal or gasoline to heat a building. Carbon dioxide can also be released during forest and land clearing. Methane emissions are primarily produced by waste landfills. Among the major emitters are energy, industry, transportation, buildings, agriculture, and land use.

What is your solution?

my solution is a filter that relys on the GMO, and electromagnetism technologies that can help in trapping carbon dioxide and change its chemical form, to decrease its emissions.

Who does your solution serve? In what ways will the solution impact their lives?

My project fights the climate change problem which is a global challenge and all countries are affected by that challenge, or most of countries don't have the ability to combat the impacts. So, simply project doesn't serve a specific population, it serves any population that suffers the negative results of climate change challenge.

How are you and your team well-positioned to deliver this solution?

My team is me! Me who get the idea, and me who is interested in applying it, it was about 5 weeks doing research in many topics in GMOs and electromagnetism "modern physics" that was really gread time to learn new, regardless of "I became a finalist or not",and i put all my plans that can lead me to let my project see the light!

When talking about my skills and hobbies:

-Have a research experience, and that was helpful in doing my research for the project.

- Have an influency in presentation skills, as for this, i hoped to show you this via the video, but the time has the hand in this, because i had a circumstances in the last time period.

- I love, love, love, love, love and love MATHEMATICS, and I hope I will change alot in that science. 

- Also, i love philosophy, and I am a little bit deep philosopher, also, a professional writer as many people told me!

- I love playing chess for a very long time. 

What steps have you taken to understand the needs of the population you want to serve?

the needs of the population what I serve is obvious, they need just to solve the problem with the least consuming of materials and effectively achieve the goal.

Which aspects of the Challenge does your solution most closely address?

Taking action to combat climate change and its impacts (Sustainability)

What is your solution’s stage of development?

Concept: An idea being explored for its feasibility to build a product, service, or business model based on that idea.

In what city, town, or region is your solution team located?

Fayoum, قسم الفيوم، الفيوم، Egypt

Who is the Team Lead for your solution?

It is me: Abdulrahman Muhammed Elsayyed

More About Your Solution

What makes your solution innovative?

First, what is the problem that my project fights?

"Climate change", in another way, the most fatal challenge that the mankind had faced ever. The consequences of that challenge are well known, the comming are examples for these impacts on the international scale:

At first, we need to know this piece of information: the higher the greenhouse gasses percentage in the atmosphere, the higher the temperature, which causes "the rising in temperature" all the upcoming impacts:

1. the weather fluctuations due to the instability of heat temperatures.

2. The ice melting at earth poles.

3. As a result of the second point, the ocean surface level gets higher, some islands like Marshall islands in the Pacific ocean, and some costal grand cities like Alexanderia in my homeland Egypt are threatened by sinking under the floods water.

4. Ocean acidification due to the discovery of the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere into the ocean water then it lowers the "pH" (when th pH gets lower, the water acidity raises).

• 5. As a result of the fourth point, the marine life is negatively affected especially the organisms that secrete calcium curbonat like Starfish, and corals.

So, it is obvious, the impacts of climate change problem results what i call from my aspect: "A Series Of Problems", that means each problem has a fatal results on another associated matter in some environment (oceans, organism, the atmosphere, ... etc), that of course affects humans.

However, all these problems intersect at one point, which is the greenhouse gasses emissions of carbon dioxide and his brothers like "methane", which is produced by transportation, or factories. So, if we were able to get rid of these emissions, then the problem is solved, but as some one said, but that is easier said than done, and we need to think in a new way.

So, my new approach to the problem is through biology to run up my solution specifically through Genetic Engineering methods to produce a genetically modified organisms (GMOs), maybe we all heared that word in some science fiction movies, or promote that idea of gene manipulation, which is to insert a gene or multiple of genes that code for a specific protein or enzyme synthesis. The effectiveness of the solution is concentrated into its efficiency, coast, easy application in the real life. So, obviously it will be the best choice for carbon dioxide filtration, and it will change the market.

What are your impact goals for the next year, and how will you achieve them?

My plan for first is to convince both the American and Egyption governments to help me into manufacturing the "product" based on my project idea and work out more experiments to develop its capacity, then i will take any way that leads me to achieve the most popularity, for that, I put a plan that may help me:

First step, ask for the environment rights societies hands for marketing for that project and motivate factories to start use it to treat their emissions. Second step, marketing the project in the countries that is affected by the climate problem -threatened by sinking, or even has a hot weather- then, when they test its effectiveness, their people will market "even if through the media" for it and for a widely use and Application in the world because they are the most afraid and in the same time interested people to solve that problem.

If the American government doesn't respond, or if the matter doesn't go as it is planned for, I prepared plan "b", also, to achieve the popularity and the spreading that I am aiming for:

That plan is to construct a little prototype with all the possibilities available, then test it and go immediately through the media, also, try to contact any national,  or international factories that gives a hand for that primary projects.

The project helps people who suffers the consequences of the climate change problem, to reduce the risks of that problem on those people, that positively change their life and make them feel safe.

Describe the core technology that powers your solution.

1. The project idea's scientific base:

There are 2 bases:

1. After some research I found an enzyme called "carbon anhydrase", that one is found in human red blood cells and its function is regulation of the blood pH level and transferring of co2 through the blood stream.

Through the equation: CO2 + H2O= (H+) +(- HCO3).

2. H+ "hydrogen cation" is a diamagnetic material that flows to the lower magnetic field strength if there is an external magnetic field is exerting a force on it.


- The idea is to use GMOs technology to produce that enzyme, through inserting the gene that codes for it in the E-choli bacteria taking that gene from the human red blood cell.

- When carbon dioxide reacts with the enzyme it gives: hydrogen cation and bicarbonate.

- then using a "charged subconductor" technology to provide the magnetic field that will move the hydrogen cation toward the the lowest magnetic field flux (it will repell H+), that is already leads the (H+) cations to a cylinder as a container, (HCO3) is remained as a byproduct.

That is the process in details, that stage can be inserted in factory cheminy or in a smaller scale in a car.

Please select the technologies currently used in your solution:

  • Biotechnology / Bioengineering
  • Materials Science

In which countries do you currently operate?

  • Egypt, Arab Rep.

How many people does your solution currently serve, and how many do you plan to serve in the next year? If you haven’t yet launched your solution, tell us how many people you plan to serve in the next year.

Actually I haven't launched the solution yet, because until now, it is just an idea and plans in my mind, and I need much help to spread and apply the solution, so officially the current served people are nobody.

On the other side, intuitively if everything went as it planned for, the spreading of the project is expected to cover many companies that will buy the product to use it in their factories in the US and all the world, but I admit, I don't have "right now" any systematic way to calculate the number of those factories, however, if the governments helped me with somehow, this definitely will increase the sales. Thus, increasing the service domain.

Let's think much deeper, I serve all people that suffers the climate change impacts over the world, I mean even if they don't use it!

What barriers currently exist for you to accomplish your goals in the next year?

Actually all of those! Yes, I don't have any financial aids to get the materials of my project, technical help to at least do the experiments on the bacteria, legal license for testing the prototype (because it hasn't been built, funny!)

But of course if there is any opportunity to have all these stuff in my hand, definitely I will start to apply the project. Because I'm the someone who "takes it personally", I mean that I take the climate change as my own personal problem, this may looks nasty! But to shock you a little bit, this perspective must be our own one all, we are all a part of this problem so, we must all be a part of its solution.

Your Team

How many people work on your solution team?

It is just me, I developed that solution with some research.

How long have you been working on your solution?

I worked alone on that solution for about 5 weeks

What organizations do you currently partner with, if any? How are you working with them?

There are no.

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