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Incubator | Unbundle Policing: Reimagine Public Safety Challenge

How can we decrease unnecessary and adverse law enforcement encounters in order to promote community health and well-being in the US?

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Incubator Programming


The Stand Together Ventures Lab virtual Incubator will run via Zoom for 11 weeks, with 60-90 minute sessions twice a week. Sessions will run on Tuesdays (90 minutes) and Thursdays (60 minutes) at 1pm PT/4pm ET beginning on Thursday, September 9, 2021. 

Tuesday sessions will typically include a presentation and/or panel discussion of experts in the field of deflection, diversion, and/or related topics to Reimagining Public Safety, as well as breakout groups to discuss and collaborate. 

Thursday sessions are called “Venture Series” are a set of workshops that build on one another. The Venture Series will provide a comprehensive framework to further refine your product and plans regardless of your stage, including discussion and guided practical application. Additionally, helpful reading materials/videos will to supplement workshops.


Thursday, September 9: Welcome & Kick-Off 

  • Get to know us and each other! Learn more about what’s in store for the Incubator. Get energized, meet other participants, learn about our community and norms, and address questions. Overview of the resources, tools, and people available to support you during the 11-week incubator.

Tuesday, September 14: Why Unbundle Policing?

  • A discussion on what it means to reimagine public safety when we consider the history of policing in America and the current roles that society expects law enforcement to play. Breakouts will focus on discussing the scope of the problem you or your team are addressing.

Thursday, September 16: Venture Series Session 1: Customer Discovery That Removes The Guesswork 

  • Learn to recognize the value of early and ongoing interviews with customers (and all stakeholders), and interviewing best practices.

Tuesday, September 21: When the Call Comes In: The Current State of Police Dispatch and their Role in Reducing the Criminal Justice Footprint

  • A primer on how 911 works, including an overview of call centers and dispatch, constraints of existing technology, and where innovation is happening. Dispatch and call center experts will be available for Q&A.    

Thursday, September 23: Venture Series Session 2Jobs To Be Done

  • An introduction to the Jobs To Be Done Theory (i.e., Jobs Theory or JTBDs) as a framework for creating products people will actually adopt.

Tuesday, September 28: Learning from Lived Experience: The Reality of Law Enforcement Encounters

  • Learn from individuals with lived experience in law enforcement encounters, and explore key strategies and movements that are transforming how we address emergencies from a reactive system driven by public safety goals and procedures to a preventative, health-first approach.

Thursday, September 30: Venture Series Session 3: Products (AKA Solutions)

  • Introduction of a Jobs Theory approach to product design and feature prioritization.

Tuesday, October 5: Community First Responders

  • A discussion on existing community responder models followed by breakout groups facilitated by leaders in the field.

Thursday, October 7: Venture Series Session 4: Competition And Positioning

  • Introduction of a Jobs Theory approach to competition and positioning..

Tuesday, October 12: Solution Prep Session

  • Present version 1 of your solution submission to peers and mentors for initial feedback, clarifying questions, and support.

Thursday, October 14: Venture Series Session 5: Markets, Segmentation, And Targeting

  • Introduction of a Jobs Theory approach to gauging market size and segmenting the market to target customers who are most likely to adopt their products, specifically.

Tuesday, October 19: How We Built This: Insights from Founder and Funders

  • Explore a range of early stage funding and business model options with successful founders and funders. Small group Q&A with relevant, real-world examples.

Thursday, October 21: Venture Series Session 6: Diffusion (AKA Go To Market)

  • Introduction of a Jobs Theory approach to diffusion/bringing products to market.

Tuesday, October 26: Designing Community-Informed Solutions

  • Examples of how other organizations have successfully partnered with and learned from individuals with lived experience in designing their solution. Breakouts focused on designing/refining your engagement strategy and identifying partners that should inform it.

Thursday, October 28: Venture Series Session 7: Pricing (AKA Resource Exchange)

  • Introduction to a Jobs Theory approach to pricing/resource exchange.

Tuesday, November 2: Working with System Stakeholders on Pilots and Partnerships

  • Many solutions will require buy-in, adoption, and potentially budget from police departments or other governmental agencies. Learn how others have successfully designed pilots and developed partnerships with these key stakeholders and refine your plan.

Thursday, November 4: Venture Series Session 8: Tying It All Together

  • Participants see how everything we’ve covered previously fits together in one, cohesive framework.

Tuesday, November 9: Pitching Your Solution

  • Learn the critical elements of effective pitching, refine your pitch materials and script, and practice pitching for feedback.

Thursday, November 11: Veterans Day Holiday!

  • No Session

Tuesday, November 16: Open Working Session

  • Work with staff and mentors to finalize your application, pitch, or any other final needs you have before submitting to the Accelerator.

Thursday, November 18: Final session with Special Guests

  • Congratulations! At this point, you will have submitted your solutions and applied to the Accelerator! We’re coming together to look back at what you’ve done in the past 11 weeks and share hopes for the future. This session will have some not-to-be-missed surprise guests.
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