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Our solution:

In a country like Nigeria, there has been no easy, reliable way to find teachers for subjects like Math, Physics, Art, SATs, GMAT, ACC, Cooking, Music, Languages, Bead-making. Tuteria uses an online platform where learners can easy find, evaluate, book, pay for and track lessons with a verified local teacher.

Our pitch:

Tuteria provides a peer-to-peer online platform that connects people seeking to learn anything, with verified local teachers who can teach them to earn extra income.

The problem:

The challenge is two fold:

1. Millions of Parents, working professionals and youths in Nigeria, and Africa seek to learn many different things, both formal and informal, but cannot find really good people who can teach them. Even when they do, it usually takes 2-8 weeks without any assurance of quality service.

2. Thousands of teachers are available, but inaccessible; thereby suffering from low income to zero income while there are people seeking their services. This has created such a huge gap between increasing demand for personalized learning, and access to available supply.

Why our solution will solve the problem:

With our solution, people can learn the subjects that matter to them, by connecting with a pre-vetted nearby expert who's willing to teach.

Learners on our site select a preferred tutor, make payments and connect with the tutor to deliver lessons, as well as provide feedback and reviews. We hold the payment in the learner's wallet, and transfer same to the tutor after the lessons have been delivered and confirmed by both parties after removing a 30% commission fee. Tutors on our platform earn almost twice their regular salary at an average school.

Examples of tutors:

Target Outcomes

Our target outcomes:

Our long-term vision is to build Africa's largest and most trusted tutoring platform which helps millions of Africans significantly achieve their learning goals in almost any area of interest; while also creating a source of income for millions of teachers across Africa ranging from unemployed graduates, students, school teachers, trainers, instructors.

This is the first time a platform like ours is being developed in Africa.

We are also including these other services
-real-time online lessons
-learning experiences
-bundled courses will automatically draw up a personalized learning plan for each child
-video courses for local, African content

The regions we will benefit initially:

  • Sub-Saharan Africa

Why our solution is unique:

Assume you wanted to learn how to dance salsa and lived in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Before Tuteria, you'd probably have to ask people if they knew a salsa dance instructor which could to take from 2 weeks to 2 months to find one. With Tuteria you simply search for "salsa dance", type your location, and instantly see verified salsa dance instructors! Our technology enables us to empower large numbers of teachers and students at scale. We have a web application, are currently building a bot, and then a mobile app to enhance user experience. 

How people will access our solution:

1. Job Creation for Tutors: these include unemployed graduates, students, current or retired teachers, and working professionals. Our current revenue model ensures that for every $1 Tuteria makes, tutors earn at least $0.70. So if we generate $1000 in sales in a week in a particular city, for instance, then we've earned at least $700 for tutors in that city.
2. Improved Academic Performance & Personal Development: Tuteria has helped hundreds of students perform better at school through qualitative one-on-one mentorship which according to research ( sigma.pdf) is 98% better for learning than traditional teaching.

Business Plan

How we will sustain our team financially:

Tuteria is a for-profit, and we have paying customers. Students pay 100% of the lesson fee to Tuteria at the start of the lesson using our integrated payment system which accepts various forms of payments, and Tuteria in turn, pays 70% to the tutor at the end of the lesson when all classes have been taught. So 30% commission is Tuteria's income. We also charge a one-time service fee of $8 per student. Since inception (about 1 year and 5 months), we have recorded transactions in excess of $140,000 from more than 1060 bookings made through the platform while capturing an average of 23 - 25% profit margins. The need for access to great teachers is global, and particularly in Africa. 

How long we have been working on our solution:

2 years
Partnership Needs

Why we're applying to Solve:

1. About 3,250 teachers have been fully verified, and 450 active teachers have delivered lessons on Tuteria, earning an average of $105/month which is almost twice the regular salary at an average school in Nigeria. We hope to increase this to 2,000 teachers by end of 2017.

2. Since inception, we've generated over $140,000 worth of bookings, helping tutors earn over $100,000 by sharing their knowledge with others.

3. We have also delivered over 21,000 tutoring hours to more than 800 students in Nigeria in various subjects, skills and exams. Here are 3 short client video testimonials: 

Our current partners:

-Impact Award in Education, Facebook's
-3rd Place, Pitch@Palace
-Top 10 Most Innovative Ideas in Africa, Africa Innovation Foundation
-Finalist, Aso Villa Demo Day by Nigeria's Federal Government
-Winner, Future Awards Africa for impact in Education
-Featured, CCTV Africa

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