AI and Machine Learning for Social Impact Primer

Presented by MIT Solve in Partnership with the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

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MIT Solve and the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation co-designed this virtual short course to help social impact entrepreneurs everywhere leverage artificial intelligence–including machine learning and other data science methods–to broaden and deepen their social impact. In the course, MIT and external AI experts and two past Solver teams discuss the opportunities and limitations of using AI for social good; how to identify when to use this technology in your work; and key considerations for building and implementing your own AI strategy.

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Learn how to incorporate AI into your social impact strategy with these additional resources.

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Featured Speakers

Vilas Dhar

President & Trustee, Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

Julia Kumari Drapkin

CEO, Founder, Team Lead, ISeeChange

United States

Abhilasha Purwar

Founder and CEO, Blue Sky Analytics


Pooja Wagh

Director, Operations & Impact, MIT Solve

James W. Weis

Research Affiliate and Instructor, MIT

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