Challenge Design Workshop hosted by Solve and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Grand Challenges 2019 Annual Meeting, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in collaboration with MIT Solve, is organizing a Challenge Design Workshop to foster collaboration and innovation among cross-sector leaders from across the globe to discuss and provide input for MIT Solve’s 2020 Health Challenge.

This workshop is invitation-only. If you are attending the Grand Challenges 2019 Annual Meeting and wish to attend the Challenge Design Workshop, please email

Around 60 participants who are attending the Grand Challenges 2019 Annual Meeting will collaborate during this interactive workshop to identify big global challenges in health that need to be addressed through technological innovation. Participants will share existing stories of innovative impact, work together to define which challenges are most pressing to solve in 2020, and leave with new perspectives and potential partners for building a better world. Attendees include young scientists and innovators, decisionmakers from the private, public, and philanthropic sectors, and government and university representatives.

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