Challenge Design Workshop hosted by Solve and EPAM Continuum

Boston, MA

Eliminating packaging waste in Chile. Teaching and preserving indigenous language in Australia. Plumbing-free toilets for informal settlements worldwide. MIT’s Solve initiative identifies and supports these and many other social innovators with the best solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Join us for a workshop with cross-sector leaders to identify where innovative technology and business approaches can be the most catalytic for social and environmental impact for MIT Solve's 2020 Challenges.

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Alongside other experts and senior-level leaders from Solve's commnuity, your perspective and expertise will help formulate specific, actionable challenge topics that will be posed by MIT Solve to innovators around the world. In turn, those innovators will develop and submit technology-driven solutions on Solve’s open innovation platform. The best solutions will be invited to partner with the global network of organizations that are members of the Solve community.

Refreshments and light snacks will be served.

Event Timing

  • Welcome & Opening Panel on Social Impact: 3:00PM
  • Focused Discussions: 3:45PM
  • Participants will be able to join one of the four table conversations:
    Sustainability: Sustainable Food Systems
    Learning: Gender Equity and Education
    Economic Prosperity: Good Jobs and Inclusive Economic Growth
    Health: Infant and Maternal Health
  • Closing, EPAM Continuum Tour, & Networking: 5:00PM

This event is sponsored by Solve Member EPAM Continuum.

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