Global Surgical Training Challenge Prototype Showcase

Ten teams of innovators will demonstrate their prototype modules that train psychomotor surgical skills.

Around the world surgical practitioners spend their entire careers learning and perfecting techniques for interventions that vastly improve the lives of their patients.

This training can be both costly and resource intensive. Many practitioners in low resource settings are unable to access simulation-based training and rely on access to real patients.

The Global Surgical Training Challenge, funded by the Intuitive Foundation and developed with partners (the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Nesta Challenges, MIT Solve and Appropedia), has brought together multidisciplinary teams of innovators who have been working over the last several months to develop low-cost surgical training modules.

You will see how these cutting edge, low cost training resources can support the development of psychomotor skills for surgery through simulation and self-assessment and how the use of Appropedia, an open source platform, is creating a shift in the way training is delivered.

We invite you to join us at the Prototype Showcase to see demonstrations from these 10 global teams and join a collaborative global community that's innovating how surgical practitioners learn and assess life-saving skills.

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