Solving Together: The Big Idea

About the Big Idea

Innovation starts with the spark of a big idea. If the idea gets traction, it can mean months and years of development, pitch meetings, tech revisions, and funding challenges. The pace is brutal but for a small group of people it’s all worth it. These are the select few who are driven by forces so large that they will tolerate any hardship to see their idea succeed.These are the people who change the world.

The film series, “The Big Idea” will follow the lives of three innovators who are brilliant, bold, and united by the desire to use technology, science and engineering to create radical, systemic change. While their innovations are uniquely their own, our subjects are united by a single life-changing opportunity. Each of them has been selected for one of the tech world’s most prestigious opportunities – a highly-coveted MIT Solve innovator (‘Solver team’). This win will raise the profile of their projects and put them in front of intellectual elite, global leaders, and major tech brands. But, do they have what it takes to elevate their work to the next level? 

Episode 1: Last Mile

When cryogenics expert Kitty Liao discovers that half of the world’s vaccines get spoiled during the last-mile of their delivery, she decides to dedicate her life to creating a solution. Liao embarks on her own arduous journey as she attempts to get her life-saving invention into the hands of the people who need it most.

Episode 2: Birth Without Bias

Motivated by her own harrowing birth experience, journalist Kimberly Seals Allers is disrupting the hospital system to transform Black maternal health outcomes in the U.S. Her app turns reviews from Black and Brown birthers into a powerful tool for hospitals to change their practices -- but are they ready to listen?

Episode 3: Every Kid Gets a Robot

After Ojibwe native Danielle Boyer joined the robotics team in high school, she realized how out of reach robotics are for low-income families. Since then, she’s made it her mission to create free robot kits to connect other Indigenous youth to the tech skills that will shape their future.

“The Big Idea” is a Redglass Pictures Production and made possible by the generous support of HP. 

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