US Equity Summit 2023

Solver teams

Atif Javed

Executive Director, Tarjimly

United States

Anthony Kinslow II PhD

CEO and Founder, Gemini Energy Solutions, LLC

United States

Ms. Cheri Smith

MIT Solver & 2022 Indigenous Communities Fellow | President & CEO, Founder, Alliance for Tribal Clean Energy

United States

Vanessa Castañeda Gill

Co-Founder and CEO, Social Cipher

United States

Michelle Schenandoah

Founder & Director , Rematriation / Kanenhi:io Ionkwaienthos

United States

Erica Plybeah

Founder & CEO, MedHaul

United States

Brooke Rodriguez

Director / Founder , Grinding Stone Collective

United States

Ashley Barrow

CEO Founder , A Statue of Excellence LLC dba RE-Assist

United States

Brittany Gene

Industrial & Product Designer, Brittany Gene Design,

United States

Cree Whelshula

Executive Director

United States

Dr. Valerisa Gaddy

Post Doctoral Research Associate, University of Arizona

United States

Jacquelyn Ingram

Midwife, global health advocate, Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition of Hawaii

United States

Esiban Parent

Member, Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia

Frank Martinez

Chief Technology Officer, Carina

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