Host a Solve Innovation Workshop

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Engage your employees and teams with a Solve Innovation Workshop. Contact us to host a workshop—virtually or in-person—to energize your community or organization around social impact innovation.

Looking for ways to make your virtual events more engaging? Check out Solve’s tips to host an engaging virtual event.

Challenge Workshops

Challenge Workshops convene and engage cross-sector leaders from Solve’s global community with your organization or network. Together, we'll identify the most pressing local or organizational priorities and build support for solving them. These highly facilitated convenings help define Solve's Global Challenges, build and engage impactful communities, and inform international policy agendas.

Participants interact in a Challenge Workshop hosted by Solve and Solve Member Olam in Lagos, Nigeria. Photo: Olam / Samoht Studios

Solveathon® Workshops

Solveathon® workshops are highly interactive design thinking workshops to develop and improve promising solutions to Global Challenges. Early-stage social entrepreneurs workshop their solutions in small groups to refine their technical design, business model, and approach to impact; solutions can then be shared on Solve’s global open innovation platform. Solveathon workshops may be hosted in-person or virtually. A Virtual Solveathon helps participants learn to more effectively co-create and innovate even while in separate locations.

in June 2020, Solve hosted a Virtual Solveathon with Solve Member BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and The League of Intrapreneurs that convened 70 social entrepreneurs and leaders. The event split participants into nine breakout rooms, sparking intimate, deep-dive conversations. 

“The Virtual Solveathon provided the possibility to bring leaders from different communities and world regions together in this unique moment. While the pandemic is spotlighting the gaps in our systems and increasing their negative impact in our societies, the Solveathon was a great opportunity to remind us that we can solve our greatest challenges by bringing different worlds together, and connecting individuals who might have the right resources or ideas to make this happen with joint efforts.”
Jessica von Farkas, Regional Network Organizer, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Brain Trusts

Brain Trusts inspire your community and connect them with innovative Solver teams around a long-term partnerships.

In-person or virtual workshop hosting opportunities are only available to Solve Members, and are customized to meet your goals. For information about hosting virtual or in-person events with Solve, email

Photo: Participants workshop new solution ideas at a Solveathon hosted by General Motors and Solve in 2019.

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