Tafadzwa Munzwa MD

Co-founder & CEO, Dawa Health


Tafadzwa Kalisto Munzwa is the visionary Founder and CEO of Dawa Health, a groundbreaking health-tech startup based in Lusaka, Zambia. His transformative journey began in medical school when complications during his close cousin's pregnancy prompted him to scrutinize the quality and accessibility of healthcare in his community. This pivotal moment led Tafadzwa to co-found Dawa Health, where he leads a dedicated team in democratizing access to primary healthcare.

With a profound background in research and STEM, Tafadzwa is committed to employing empirical methods to shape policies and drive innovative solutions. Collaborating with experts in anthropology and biostatistics, his team at Dawa Health leverages emerging technologies such as machine learning and generative AI to generate empirical evidence and enhance maternal and child health.

Passionate about tackling global health challenges, Tafadzwa actively champions the leadership of scientists from the global south, emphasizing their unique perspectives and cultural insights. His intimate understanding of the challenges faced by his community, coupled with a keen awareness of adoption barriers, positions him as a driving force in developing transformative solutions. Additionally, Tafadzwa co-founded Denga Health, a last-mile health logistics platform dedicated to closing healthcare logistic gaps in Sub-Saharan Africa.


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