Opeyemi Etiwe

Founder and Team Lead, InSync Solutions


Opeyemi Oritsematosan Etiwe is the Founder and Team Lead of In-Sync Solutions, an avid product designer, and a social change agent. Opeyemi has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and positively impacting his community and country at large.

He obtained a Bachelor's Degree at the University of Ibadan. He led the Enactus UI team to create sustainable solutions in agriculture, green energy, and education during his undergraduate days.

Opeyemi developed a keen interest in mental health after seeing its devastating effects on people around him. Ever since, he has focused heavily on creating digital solutions around mental health, particularly for those who can’t afford traditional therapy and are unreached in rural communities.

He was named Student Entrepreneur of the Year, Nigeria, by Entrepreneurs Organization Lagos, and he is also an ambassador of one of Nigeria’s leading banks- Access Bank. Opeyemi believes firmly in investing in the lives of others and helping people live out their passion, purpose, and calling.


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