Alfred Ironside

Vice President for Communications, MIT

As chief communications officer, the vice president for communications advises the president and leaders across MIT, and shapes how the Institute conveys its mission and the range, scope, and positive impact of its people. He also leads a team that engages with internal and external audiences to increase awareness and deepen understanding of MIT's work, attract talent, invite and strengthen partnerships, and build support for learning, research, and innovation on critical societal issues.

More than ever, organizations of every size and scope have an obligation to be open and transparent about what they do and what they stand for, and to engage with diverse audiences in the co-creation of knowledge and impact. The vice president for communications serves as chief advocate for and engineer of these efforts at MIT.

Overseeing the Office of Communications—Communications Initiatives, MIT Copytech, the MIT News Office, and Reference Publications—the vice president oversees MIT's central web presence, social media voice, media relations, and crisis communications. He also works to align and support the efforts of communications professionals working throughout MIT’s schools, college, departments, labs, and centers, and other units.

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