Bramuel Mwalo

Founder and CEO, Xetova


Bramuel Mwalo started off his early career launching and later heading the Business Incubation and Acceleration Centre at KCA University. He was also the first country Managing Director of Global Trade and Technology platform Kountable, managing a budget of $150million (Ksh. 16.5billion). Thereafter, Bramuel served as Director of Africa Business at Kountable, tasked with driving expansion on the continent.

While a PHD candidate at Stockholm school of Economics, Bramuel founded Xetova in 2019, inspired by the need to “empower decision-makers by providing simple solutions to small businesses” by providing data insights led capability to build solutions that spur growth.

Xetova builds capacities for businesses to help them leverage and utilize their data profitably. His journey has been fueled with an unrelenting passion for empowering people and organizations to drive impact. Leveraging the unique lessons learnt from start and leading, a San Francisco based company that saw 250 SMEs access financing in the continent, he continuously innovates winning strategies for African markets and local businesses to scale.

While noting that trends in business are valuable, Bramuel, who also holds a Masters degree in Finance and Banking, emphasizes that traders should not be driven by whims, but that you must be able to understand the context of business in any environment to be able to trade”.

Bramuel’s honors include being recognized as a World Economic Forum Uplink contributor and an MIT Solver fellow due to the exemplary work championed through Xetova.


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