Gabriel Marmentini



Gabriel is a PhD candidate, Master of Science in Administration, and Bachelor's degree in Public Administration holder from Santa Catarina State University. He is the Co-founder of the Brazilian Association of Head and Neck Cancer (ACBG Brasil) and Politize! - Civic Education Institute. Gabriel is also a Fellow of the programs Choice (Artemísia/2013), AIESEC (2013/2014), Warriors Without Weapons (Instituto Elos/2014), Social Good Brasil Lab (2015), Red Bull Amaphiko (2017), Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI/2017), Facebook Community Leadership Program (FCLP/2018), One Young World (OYW/2022), Prêmio Folha Empreendedor Social (2022), Forbes Under 30 (2022), and Democracy Fellowship Cohort (Keseb/2023). From 2021 to 2023, he served as substitute professor at Santa Catarina State University.


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