Gita Syahrani

Chief of Partnership, Alam Siak Lestari


With almost two decades of experience working on sustainability as part of government, private sector and civil society while also trained as corporate lawyer and collective action convener, Gita brings unique skills and diverse perspective as the Chief of Partnership for Alam Siak Lestari. Alam Siak Lestari is a community-owned enterprise in Siak, Indonesia with a mission is to protect peat by establishing value-added industry for peat friendly commodities. In her role. Gita is responsible to develop and expand strategic partnership opportunities for ASL at the national, regional and global level in close coordination with the other C-suite executives. She is also responsible to put together an agile corporate structure able to accommodate community ownership while advocating for enabling policy & regulatory framework towards local and national government.

Gita is currently also heading the secretariat of Sustainable District Association or Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari (LTKL) – an innovative districts association working towards sustainable land use through collective actions. This allows her to expand ASL business model to other committed districts beyond Siak. Prior to this, Gita was a convener for private sector coalition on sustainable palm oil under the Indonesia Palm Oil Pledge (IPOP) and a leading member of the Planning & Funding Deputy of the former National REDD+ Agency. She also held a Senior Associate position and Lead Counsel for Green Investment and Climate Change division which she set-up at one of the first-tier independent corporate law firms in Indonesia. Gita is also serving as member of for the Permanent Committee of Environment & Forestry at the Indonesia Chambers of Commerce & Industry (KADIN). 

Gita also convenes her own community movements, including ‘Hutan Itu Indonesia’, a positive campaign & movement to position forest as Indonesia’s Identity, SiDalang & Indonesia Plastic Bag Diet, a waste management movement and Social Corporate Lawyer Society (SocolaS), effort to provide low-cost corporate legal service for SMEs, social enterprises and social movement. Her work and these efforts led her to be the 2017 selected leader on energy and sustainability for the US State Department IVLP program and became winner of the 2018 Global Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AIEF). In 2019, Gita was selected as the Asia 21 Young Leaders by the global Asia Society, the only one from Indonesia. In 2020, she also became the first Indonesian to be selected as Henry Arnhold Fellow of Mulago Foundation which recognizes and support leaders with scalable conservation solutions – and the chops to deliver them.


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