Dr. Gloria Seruwagi

Director, Centre for Health and Social Economic Improvement (CHASE-i), Makerere University

Gloria is the director of the Centre for Health and Social Economic Improvement (CHASE-i), Makerere University, where her team conducts research and implements several multi-disciplinary interventions while also providing training and policy and practice guidance for different sectors. Gloria's expertise includes health systems and policy in LMICs, improvement science, data-driven decision-making as well as mainstreaming the social and structural determinants of health. She is a strong advocate for equitable access and utilisation of quality health care for disadvantaged, vulnerable or marginalised (DVM) populations. Gloria is as passionate about the design and delivery of health care at the "frontline" (supply side) as she is about active community (demand side) involvement, in order to improve health outcomes. In the last 15 years, Gloria has directly supported primary health care initiatives in more than 3,000 health facilities and settings across several LMICs.

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