Irene Braam

Executive Director, Bertelsmann Foundation

Irene Braam joined the Bertelsmann Foundation North America as executive director in April 2016. She is also the first vice president and board director of the Bertelsmann Foundation Board of Directors.

Braam is an experienced lawyer and media expert, and worked for over ten years with the Bertelsmann company. She began as director of government relations of the Brussels Liaison Office in 2005 and became senior vice president of government relations in September 2011.

After studying law at Maastricht University, the Dutch native began her professional career in 1998 in the music industry. Braam was head of international, legal and business affairs at Naïve Records in Paris, in charge of business development for Midbar Tech Ltd. in Tel Aviv, and served as both director of public policy and government affairs and director of legal and business affairs at the Universal Music Group in London and Brussels. Braam is a native speaker of Dutch, and also speaks English, German, French and some Spanish.

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