Janine Teo

CEO, Solve Education!


Janine Teo heads Solve Education!, an education technology not-for-profit with the mission of delivering quality education to everyone, focussing on the BOP (Bottom of Pyramid) demographic. Janine is a passionate entrepreneur who has founded and sold companies in the technology and FMCG industries. On top of her entrepreneurial experience, Janine has also a strong international track record in sales, marketing and revenue management in the corporate world, mostly in the highly competitive hospitality industry. She has worked in 8 different countries, and has trained and supported hotels across almost 100 countries. As an enthusiastic linguist, she is fluent in 5 languages.  Janine's research paper on Solve Education!: "How gaming, artificial intelligence and big data is changing education" is published in IEEE's International Conference on Game, Game Art and Gamification 2016. She has also published her research paper in IEEE, ACM and SCS conferences in the field of parallel simulation. Education is the key to solve the many challenges we face in the world today, and because of this, Janine is an avid speaker on topics like education, edtech, and poverty alleviation. She is also on the advisory board of YCAB - ranked #44 in the world's top 500 NGOs (http://www.ycabfoundation.org/en/). She is born and raised in Singapore, and has a Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.


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