Jason Green

Co-Founder, SVP & General Counsel, SkillSmart

Before founding SkillSmart, Jason held a number of positions in local and federal government, most recently serving as Associate Counsel to President Barack Obama, advising the president and senior staff on legal, economic and domestic policy matters. His exposure to national unemployment rates, policy responses and the effects on the economy inspired the SkillSmart platform.

Prior to his time at the White House, Jason served as the National Voter Registration Director for the Obama Campaign during the 2008 general election and held several leadership positions in various states throughout the 2008 primary election and caucus season. Before joining Team Obama, Jason ran local and state-wide field operations for several political campaigns.

Jason is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and earned a law degree from Yale Law School where he pursued his interest in community empowerment strategies.

He continues to build his community engagement skills by serving on the advisory boards of Per Scholas, the South Africa International Washington Program, and Heritage Montgomery, and hones his leadership and implementation skills by directing a documentary about the unlikely merger of three racially-segregated churches in the divided 1960s.

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