Dr. Joanne Caddy

Senior Policy Analyst/Team Leader PISA for Schools, OECD


Dr. Joanne Caddy is a Senior Policy Analyst in the OECD’s Directorate for Education and Skills where she leads the PISA for Schools project, which has engaged with over 5000 schools in 10+ countries. The assessment provides a common framework of reference to help schools build their evidence base, benchmark their performance internationally and conduct meaningful peer-to-peer exchanges to improve their students’ learning outcomes and well-being. Previously, she led multidisciplinary OECD teams to support countries in building national skills strategies through whole of government approaches to education and skills policies while ensuring broad stakeholder engagement. She has published extensively on open government and public engagement in the design and delivery of public policy and services. Joanne can be found on LinkedIn, on Twitter at @joannecaddy and by email at joanne.caddy@oecd.org

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