Julia Kumari Drapkin

CEO, Founder, Team Lead, ISeeChange

United States

Dedicated to connecting communities to each other and their changing environment, Julia Kumari Drapkin created ISeeChange in 2012 after over a decade reporting natural disasters and climate change science across the globe and in her own backyard on the Gulf Coast. She has worked as the Senior Science Reporter for The Nature Conservancy; a foreign correspondent and environmental radio reporter for PRI's The World and Global Post; as a photojournalist for the Associated Press in South Asia and the St. Petersburg Times; and a multimedia producer for the Times Picayune. She was a NSF Polar Science Fellow in 2009 and a Metcalf Environmental Reporting Fellow in 2007. Drapkin currently serves on the board of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters and is a consultant for the think tank Resources for the Future and NASA. She is one of the founding members of the Science to Action working group at AGU. Prior to journalism, Julia did research anthropology and archaeology for over 7 years in Latin America, where she geeked out on Mayan farmer's almanacs.


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