I love what I do. My life mission is taking technology to the extreme to benefit the world. As an award-winning, Harvard-educated physician, scientist, innovator, pilot, communicator, and educator, my specialty is 3D printing. With 3D printing technology, we can treat injured astronauts in outer space and provide low-cost lifesaving supplies in remote world regions. While it may sound like a fantasy, it is indeed reality. In 2011, I founded 3D4MD which creates inexpensive, personalized 3D printable medical supplies using biodegradable plastic to deliver healthcare whenever and wherever needed. In 2016, I launched Medical Makers, a global community of innovators who use low-cost technologies to save lives, time, and money. Working on the cutting edge of technology, I have led 3D4MD and Medical Makers to great success. Among my career accomplishments of which I am most proud: • Was the first to 3D print medical supplies onboard the International Space Station and at the Mars Desert Research Station. • Built a secure desktop 3D printing system that meets United States Food and Drug Administration guidelines and makes quality-tested 3D printed solutions to deliver better healthcare at home, abroad, and in space. • Training nearly 200 Medical Makers in over 10 countries to be on-call to rapidly design 3D printable humanitarian solutions for clinics, hospitals and disaster areas in need. • Launching UAVS4Good, a drone education program for 50,000 Canadian kids and adults to promote STEM careers, learn drone racing skills, and create innovative humanitarian solutions. • Educating world leaders on applying technologies to address the world’s greatest healthcare challenges. How can I help you take technology to the extreme?


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