June Sugiyama

Director, Vodafone Americas Foundation || Judge for the Innovation for Women Prize

June has been in corporate philanthropy sector for over 20 years specializing in identifying the power of technology for social good.  She’s led the Foundation’s transition towards Empowering Women and Girls through Technology, aligning programs with Vodafone’s expertise in technology & innovation.  She also created the Foundation’s Wireless Innovation Project, a competition designed to seek the best wireless technology to address critical global issues. The program identified 30 entrepreneurs who are impacting over 65 Million lives, addressing poverty, health, environment, disaster relief and technology access. Since then, the program has transitioned to a partnership with MIT Solve.

June served on boards and in advisory capacities for several foundation and nonprofit organizations, most notably on the Advisory Committee of the Vodafone Group Foundation & United Nations Foundation Technology Partnership’s M Health Alliance, Foundation Center, Learning Equality, and the Frugal Innovation Lab at Santa Clara University. June’s background hails from education, specifically elementary, bilingual, and special education. She received her teaching credential & liberal studies degree from San Francisco State University, pending masters & specialist credential at University of San Francisco.

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