Kristin Welch

Founder and Executive Director, Waking Women Healing Institute

United States

Kristin Welch, Naeqtum Metaemoh, descendant of the Menominee Nation and of the Marten Clan, is Founder and Executive Director of Waking Women Healing Institute. Her organization works to restore indigenous matriarchal roles, uplift survivor voices, and ignite spaces of healing through direct action, policy work, and providing advocacy for and with families of Missing Murdered Indigneous Women/ Persons (MMIW/P)& survivors of violence. Kristin is passionate about healing and justice work for Indigenous women and girls around the issues of sexual violence and MMIW. She has 10 plus years’ experience in systems change, resilience and healing work, and Indigenous life-span models for wellness. Her work has involved creating safe spaces for survivors that are founded in indigenous ways of being, amplyfing survivor voice, and systems change. She has been an active of the WI DOJ MMIW Task Force and co-chair for the Family Impact Sub-committee. She was most recently appointed to the Not Invisible Act Federal Joint Commission of the DOI & DOJ to address violence against Indian people and on Indian lands.


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