Kyle Kornack

Executive Director, Global Citizens Imperative

United States

Challenge: How Can Individuals and Corporations Manage and Reduce their Carbon Contributions? 

Solution: Green Gas – Fueling Environmental Impact

The Global Citizens Imperative is working with gas stations and others to “replace the middle button” and offer consumers gasoline that includes the price of the carbon emissions. This grassroots approach to carbon pricing creates environmental and humanitarian impact through a market-based strategy. 

About Kyle

Kyle Kornack is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Global Citizens Imperative, an environmental non-profit committed to crowdfunding climate solutions through democratizing the carbon market into the consumer landscape.  Previously, he co-founded an organic beverage company, Jubali, where he worked as VP of Business Development to cultivate a multimillion dollar brand.  He has worked in the renewable energy industry, where he led a marketing team in an energy efficiency campaign at Next Step Living. In 2012, he led an effort that brought the Wild and Scenic environmental film festival to Boston. Kornack holds a BA in Environmental Studies and Philosophy from Northeastern University, where during his studies, he served as environmental educator in Boston public schools.  


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