Luke Bastian

President, MIT Chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society

Luke is an MIT undergrad (Class of 2021) majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Computer Science and Economics. While raised primarily in the Phoenix area, he spent large portions of his upbringing with family on the Navajo reservation. Luke is extremely grateful for this as it instilled in him a deep appreciation for the value of helping others and for the many gifts that this world provides us. It also gave him an intimate understanding of many of the problems Natives are facing. The poor quality of the infrastructure on reservations was one of the driving factors in his decision to study Civil Engineering.

While at MIT, he has served as the President of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) for the past two years. In addition to aiding in the professional development of his Native peers, he has also worked to spread awareness of issues facing Indigenous people and has sought to make MIT a more welcoming place for Native undergraduate and graduate students. This past year he has helped lead a push for the establishment of a dedicated Native space on campus.

After MIT, he hopes to combine his structural engineering and computer science skills in a way that is beneficial towards the environment. In his free time, he loves to run and is a big fan of soccer.

Clans: Táchii'nii, Bilagáana, Tséńjíkiní, Bilagáana

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