Patipat Susumpow

Managing Director, Opendream


Patipat "Keng" Susumpao, Co-founder and Managing Director of Opendream, is a social entrepreneur committed to improving public health through innovative digital technology solutions. His company has developed participatory disease detection systems in Thailand, engaging the public in health surveillance. During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Opendream created Sabaideebot, a chatbot that facilitated participatory surveillance and provided a valuable tool for monitoring and responding to the outbreak.

Patipat's approach to problem-solving involves bridging diverse specializations, incorporating multiple perspectives, and utilizing technology effectively. He has co-designed educational games for anti-corruption and recognizes the importance of involving non-medical professionals in addressing public health challenges.

Currently, he is focused on developing a participatory disease surveillance platform for rural communities across Asia, aiming to empower farmers to contribute to early disease detection. The 2020 MIT Solve competition and the 2021 Trinity Challenge have recognized this initiative, acknowledging the potential impact of Patipat's work in enhancing public health surveillance and promoting community engagement in health-related issues.


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