Philip Jennings

Member, ILO Commission on the Future World of Work and the UN Global Compact

Philip J. Jennings is a member of ILO Commission on the Future World of Work and the UN Global Compact. Philip has been general secretary of UNI Global Union which represents 20 million members in 150 countries, from its inception in 2000 until June 2018. He continues to pursue his commitment to workers’ rights, human rights, democracy and peace by contributing his leadership skills, experience and enthusiasm to cause driven bodies including in non-executive and advisory capacities.

His dedication and ingenuity have led to a transformation of global union work from supply chain justice, notably the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety, through global agreements with multinationals, to union solidarity. The Accord has been extended a further three years until 2021 , a testament to its success in improving factory safety and saving workers’ lives.

Philip was appointed to the ILO Commission on the Future World of Work last year. The initiative marks the 2019 centenary of the ILO with its Future World of Work report scheduled to be published in July 2019 Under his leadership UNI Global Union has become a thought-leader on the digital revolution.

Philip has been the de facto spokesperson for the labour movement at Davos for twenty years, where he has ensured that the workers’ voice is heard loud and clear.

Last year, the University of Cardiff recognized Philip’s contribution to the international labour movement and global democracy with an Honorary Fellowship.

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