Tariq Fancy

CEO & Founder, Rumie


Tariq Fancy founded Rumie after a notable career at the intersection of finance, technology, and emerging markets. The successes of his career and his decision to found Rumie has been chronicled in extensive case studies published by both Harvard and INSEAD Business Schools.
In 2004, he led early work to bring mobile phones into emerging markets as a ‘leapfrog’ innovation – back when the idea to use mobile phones instead of landlines sounded far-fetched to many. He anticipates a similar ‘perfect storm’ of market forces enabling a pragmatic, market-based solution to global learning that will usher in another watershed moment in international development.
He obtained a master’s degree in Economics and Public Policy from Sciences Po Paris (L’institut d’études politiques de Paris) in France and an MBA with distinction from INSEAD. He was born in Canada to parents who immigrated from Kenya and speaks four languages.


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