Miss Thérèse Pascale Danoss BWANGA DEUTCHA



BWANGA DEUTCHA Thérèse Pascale Danoss holds an MBA from CESAG Business School in Dakar, Senegal and iscurrentlyworking as a promoter of a crowdfundingplatform in her country of origin. Cameroon. In her society, sheisinterested in differentmethods of financingfarmers to boost agriculture in her country; The three main methods of crowdfundingcurrentlyused in itsplatform are essentially: participatoryloan, market services (pre-purchase and pre-sale) and participative capital investments. It seeks to betterunderstand the adequatefinancingtoolsneeded by farmers in Cameroon by comparingthesethreemethods as a wholeratherthananalyzingthemseparately. Born in Douala, Miss Thérèse DEUTCHA immigrated to Togo in September 2009 whenshehadjustgraduatedwith a view to studying the financial management of companies in West Africa to makea comparative studywiththat of her country Cameroon. Sheobtained a Bachelor'sdegree in Finance-Audit-Accountingfrom the CatholicUniversity of West Africa in Togo (UCAO-UUT) and anotherdegree in Marketing-Strategyfrom the sameuniversitybeforepursuing a master'sdegree. and MBA at CESAG Business School in Senegal. Miss Thérèse DEUTCHA receivedmanyscholarshipsduringherstudies in Senegal. This allowedhim to easilyintegrate the bigCameroonianbanks on his return to Cameroon such as BEAC (Bank of Central African States) and CITIBANK Cameroon, from 2015 to 2017. Ms. Thérèse prefers to combine today the Agriculture and the finances she has learned. Recently, sheworked as a director for the Federation of Unions and Gics of Producers and Associate Traders of Central Africa (FUGIPROCA), whichallowedher to getbetteracquaintedwith the agricultural situation in Cameroon thanks to her collaboration withseveral Group of Common Initiatives (GIC) agricultural. Shecurrentlyco-chairs Cameroon's Plan and Startup group. Sheisactivelyinvolved in agricultural initiatives. CONTACTS: theresedeutcha@gmail.com +237 655200797 +237 652419014 +237 669470767 Skype ID: Thérèse DEUTCHA


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