Dr. Mehjabin Tishan Mahfuz

Research Investigator, icddr,b


I am medical graduate from Rangpur Medical College. I completed by Masters of Public Health and have been working at icddr,b since 2014 in maternal and child health, environmental interventions unit on both quantitative and qualitative research. Environmental pollution and its mitigation is a personal and professional passion. There have been limited research on human health impact or providing alternative to plastic pollution in Bangladesh. However, the result of plastic pollution is visible more in Dhaka city than most places I have visited. I am interested to explore the impact of environmental pollution on human health and development, particularly on physical and mental growth and development of children and work on innovative solutions to combat the pollution. In addition, I want to focus on the research outcomes and policy changes, inclusions, strengthening of the evidence-based outcomes for proper national and international implementation.

In my personal life, I am a mother of a four-year old daughter and love traveling, reading, gardening, and spending time with my family, preferably in nature. I enjoy meeting and having dynamic discussions with brilliant minds and continuously learning and developing my knowledge in any discipline.


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