Will Galvin

Chairman, TruTrade

United States

In addition to his work with TruTrade, Will has been executive vice president of Self Help Africa since 2009, providing strategic direction for the organization generally but with a particular focus on innovative partnerships between farming communities in sub-Saharan Africa and the private sector. Prior to joining Self Help Africa, Will enjoyed careers as a trial lawyer and as a journalist, both based in Ireland, and as an emergency humanitarian worker, spending time in over 15 countries across Africa and Asia. He holds primary and masters degrees from Trinity College Dublin and a degree of Barrister At Law from the Kings Inns, Dublin.

Solution: Smallholder farmers in Africa - and especially female farmers - see most of the value of their crop disappear over the 'farm gate' when they sell it to middlemen. TruTrade uses a smart digital platform to transform this relationship.


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