William Hamilton

Co-founder, Mimerse


William is a psychology researcher at Stockholm University where he studied clinical psychology before dropping out to become an entrepreneur. In 2014 he founded Mimerse with the mission of spreading evidence based psychological treatments through immersive technology. At Mimerse he designs, develops and evaluates new tools for mental health in collaboration with global corporations and clinics. William also co-founded Scandinavia's leading VR/AR-agency where he has done client work for companies like IKEA, SAAB, Tobii and Merck and Co.

Solution: A virtual reality platform for mental health that allows anyone, anywhere, to self-administer evidence based psychological therapies. Our platform is composed of different scientifically evaluated interventions ranging from distracting, relaxing, cheerful or distressing (exposure therapy) all while teaching users how to think, feel, and behave more constructively.


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