Yamilée Toussaint

Founder & CEO, STEM From Dance

United States

Yamilée Toussaint Beach is the Founder & CEO of STEM From Dance. She personally experienced the extraordinary benefits of a STEM education and dance. After studying mechanical engineering and being an avid dancer for over 25 years, she switched gears to teach high school algebra in an underserved community in Brooklyn through Teach For America. She started STEM From Dance in 2012 with the hope that a program that infuses dance in STEM would help to increase the number of underrepresented minority girls across the nation who pursue a future in STEM. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from MIT and a Master of Science in Teaching from Pace University. She is also a recipient of Teach For America’s Social Innovation Award, AnitaB.org’s Educational Innovation Award, and an AAAS/IF THEN® Ambassador.


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